How IBM Cloud is helping companies maintain productivity during COVID-19


By Vikas Arora

Seemingly overnight, almost every organization around the world has been faced with the new reality of having nearly their entire workforce conducting business from home.

For one, IBM Cloud is providing clients the much-needed resiliency and security that comes from its breadth of deployment options across 60 globally dispersed data centers and time-tested data protection capabilities – including state of the art encryption that guarantees nobody can access your data, including IBM. And we’re scaling up capacity in our public cloud to handle increased workloads.

But we’ve also come together across the company to provide nine free cloud offers to ease the burden of businesses across the globe. These cloud offers span AI, data, security, integration, remote learning and more –all via the IBM public cloud to support our clients and help them maintain business continuity.

For example, for 90 days, free of charge, we’re offering companies the ability to build virtual server configurations; providing access to our cloud service for high-speed file sharing and team collaboration; and offering our event management solution to help teams prioritize, diagnose and resolve incidents.

Below is a preview of the free tools we’re offering via IBM public cloud. Please let me know if you’d be interested in hearing more and we can set up a phone interview.

IBM Cloudis offering no-cost options to help our customers maintain business continuity while migrating to remote work environments, including IBM Cloud Virtual Server configurations.

IBM Asperais offering new clients free, 90-day access to its cloud service for high-speed file sharing and team collaboration.

IBM Security is offering a number of solutions and extended, no-charge access to technologies to help clients alter their operations and security programs to protect remote employees, protect themselves from cybersecurity criminalscapitalizing on COVID-19 uncertainty, and address critical security needs.

IBM Video Streaming and IBM Enterprise Video Streamingsolutions are offered for free, 90-day access for new customers to stream events to public audiences up to 20,000 viewer hours or to stream to up to 20,000 authenticated users for one event per week.

IBM Sterlingis offering free, 90-day access to solutions to help navigate the challenges stemming from supply chain disruptions, such as managing medical supplies, COVID-19 testing kits, and migrating retailers to a BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up In Store) strategy.

IBM Blueworks Liveis offering free, 90-day access to help clients facilitate remote collaboration with stakeholders and distribute new or changing processes to their workforce.

IBM Cloud Event Management is offering free, 90-day access to help teams cut through event noise to prioritize, diagnose, assign and resolve incidents from a single service.

Remote learning resources,including free access to IBM Video Streaming for new K-12 education organizations, as alternatives are put in place for nearly a billion children who have seen their schools close as a result of COVID-19.

IBM Garageis using its expertise and the IBM Garage Methodology to remotely help clients address their emerging business requirements during this time. Access to all resources on our Enterprise Design Thinking siteis temporarily free.

The author of the article is the VP, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software & Services at IBM India/South Asia.


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