IndiaITChannels portal gets stronger with over 10,000 partners network

Alok Gupta, President PCAIT

Digital platform IndiaITChannels (a product of IndiaIT360 Solutions) is assisting the partners to conduct their business transactions online and become digitally enabled for future progress. The portal is supporting the IT Partners to take their business to another level by transforming the way they market, sell and operate their services. IndiaITChannels successfully has launched B2B and B2C page for the partners where they can create their own e-stores and catalogue page to manage, promote and update their latest products and services. Expansion of business is now an effortless process with opportunities of incremental customer database as well as a diverse sales portfolio for the partners.

The initiative has seen an overwhelming response from the industry with a 10000+ strong network already engaging with IndiaITChannels and prospects of adding another 10000+ by this year seems promising. IndiaITChannels aspires to transform the industry by creating one unified platform that enables the entire ICT fraternity to come together and help grow business opportunities for every strata of the ecosystem.

With over 100 OEMs, 1900+ Distributor/Sub-Distributors, 3600+ SI Partners & Dealers and over 4300 retailers IndiaITChannels has become one of the biggest partner networks in the country. Aimed at providing easy access to other members of fraternity has been the pillar of the project and is now in the next phase of attaining that goal.

After the overwhelming success of IndiaITChannels we introduced the next segment of the platform catering to the CIO community –CIO CONNECT, a segment aimed at bringing the CIO Fraternity into the mix and providing them with access to more than 10000 partners including top OEMs, for their IT requirements and possibilities of associations with smaller Corporate/SMBs who don’t have the opportunity to get a full time CIO on board. The idea stems from the concept of flexible working hours and a deep rooted passion of the IT Leaders to extend their expertise beyond the realm of their current working positions. The opportunity entails fulfilling ones passion for uplifting the country’s IT infrastructure at large and urges the top IT leaders to become a part and make this dream a reality.

IndiaIT360 Solutions, the parent company’s MD Mr. Alok Gupta envisions the country’s IT segment to be an independent and coherent ecosystem and strives to create opportunities to do the same. The current scenario presents a gap in the accessibility of information for the concerned parties and IndiaIT360 has emerged as the solution provider. With the new initiative lined up for the Corporate SMBs-Industry Connect, we are looking at ensuring 360 degree solutions.

Alok Gupta, MD, IndiaIT360 Solutions said, “The ICT fraternity today needs a tool that can address the age old problem of being able to reach out to the right people at the right time and IndiaIT360 does just that”.

We are creating a network that connects the OEMs to Channel fraternity, an IT leaders’ community that can have access to OEMs, Channel Network for IT requirements or the Corporate/SMBs who are looking at availing professional expertise. We are also promoting the platform as knowledge sharing opportunity where IT Leaders present their knowledge of the industry to other members or leading OEMs can showcase the new trends in Technology. All in all IndiaIT360 Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ( a one stop solution for all your ICT requirements.


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