India’s Oil, Gas, and Power companies accelerate sustainable energy transition with SAP cloud solutions


As India takes concrete steps to move towards a sustainable and green future, leading oil, gas, and power companies are embracing SAP’s cloud ERP solution: ‘RISE With SAP’ to become intelligent, sustainable in the cloud, and also foster business innovation. This strategic shift aims to enhance operational efficiency, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to the country’s commitment to sustainable energy practices. RISE With SAP, is a complete offering of cloud solutions, infrastructure, and services that helps customers migrate to the cloud.

As the third largest consumer of energy in the world, India has made energy self-sufficiency through transition to clean energy resources, into one of its long-term goals. Driven by this commitment to climate action, the country is revamping its entire energy sector fueled by government led initiatives like the Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS). This transformation encompasses modernising power and gas generation, transmission, and distribution networks. Leading energy companies like Assam Power Distribution, Indradhanush Gas Grid, and Purba Bharati Gas and a few more having adopted RISE With SAP, to meet the growing demand for sustainable and clean energy solutions for both businesses and households.

Rakesh Kumar, IAS, Managing Director, Assam Power Distribution Company Limited, a public limited company owned by the Government of Assam, said, “Today digital technologies such as cloud are quickly emerging as key enablers for driving business innovation and differentiation. With RISE with SAP, we’re confident that we’ll be able to drive revenues, operational efficiencies, systems modernisation and become more customer centric. We’re excited to leverage SAP technology to steer our company towards sustainability and be the catalyst for holistic growth of the state of Assam by powering agriculture and Industry; lighting rural and urban homes.”

“Developing Northeast Region, a gas-based economy and dominant hydrocarbon hub under Hydrocarbon Vision 2030 Scheme is one of the pillars of India’s ambitious climate change commitments. IGGL has implemented state-of-the-art cloud technology from SAP since September 2022 which has been instrumental in enabling us to reach this goal by enhancing operational efficiency, facilitating data-driven decision-making, fostering innovation, nurturing good governance, and strengthening internal financial control across the entire value chain,” said, PK Mohapatra, CFO, Indradhanush Gas, a Joint Venture of IOCL, ONGC, GAIL, OIL and NRL”.

Manuj Kumar Baruah, CEO, Purba Bharati Gas Pvt. Ltd, a joint venture company of Assam Gas Company Limited, OIL India Limited, and GAIL Gas Limited, said, “At Purba Bharati Gas, we are committed to be a growth-oriented energy company, enhancing stakeholder value, and contributing towards a safe and clean ecosystem. As a joint venture company having resources from multiple organisations, we recognised the need for a comprehensive solution. Adopting RISE With SAP, has served as a backbone across business operations helping us integrate multiple departments and functions into a unified platform that can scale as per changing environments or requirements.”

Vikas Sharma, Vice President & Business Head Public Sector, SAP India, added, “The energy sector in India is at an inflection point, undergoing a transformation, with the widespread adoption of cloud technology. By integrating new age technology on the cloud, SAP is committed to enable this sector with clean energy, improved air quality, enhanced public health, and a more sustainable environment. Additionally, a robust energy infrastructure will ensure reliable energy access for the country’s growing population. This transition places us at the forefront of sustainable energy practices in the energy industry and is in line with the India’s commitment towards a green future.”


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