Infopercept launches Invinsense 5.0


Infopercept, a global platform led security services company, announced the launch of Invinsense 5.0, the latest version of its SaaS-based cybersecurity platform. This updated version integrates Security Lake, AI/ML modules, and Gen AI, enhancing cybersecurity operations for organisations worldwide.

Invinsense 5.0 encompasses offensive, defensive, and security compliance functionalities, consolidating advanced technologies into a unified management console for streamlined operations.

Key Features of Invinsense 5.0 include:

More Comprehensive Offensive Technologies:

  • Attack Surface Monitoring: Identifying and monitoring potential network entry points.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Scanning for sensitive information on both the Dark and Surface Web.
  • Brand Security: Detection of fake domains, apps, and social media threats.

Enhanced Defensive Technologies:

  • Integration with AI/ML-enabled Security Lake for optimised cybersecurity operations.
  • Gen AI-enabled use cases for swift threat responses.
  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) tools for organisations facing active attacks.

“Invinsense was conceived with scalability in mind, allowing seamless integration of new technologies across offensive, defensive, and compliance domains,” said, Jaydeep Ruparelia, CEO, and Co-founder of Infopercept Consulting Pvt Ltd. With Invinsense 5.0, we have gone deeper into each cybersecurity domain. By leveraging AI/ML-enabled Security Lake, we aim to streamline operations, minimise alerts, and significantly reduce security operation costs. Additionally, our expanded offensive security offerings empower organisations to fortify their external attack surface, ensuring readiness against sophisticated threats. Through numerous enhancements in Invinsense 5.0, including a unified dashboard experience, we enable organisations to achieve their two primary cybersecurity objectives: combating cyberattacks and adhering to security compliances.”

Commenting on the significance of indigenous Indian-built cybersecurity platforms, Mr. Ruparelia emphasised, “Today, nation-state attacks are our new reality. In such circumstances, it is imperative for Indian organisations to be safeguarded by domestic cybersecurity platforms. These platforms can be customised to meet our regulatory standards and work environment, ensuring compliance and protection against cyber threats.”


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