JK Tech launches transformational industry solutions in the Hyper Automation space by forging a strategic partnership with EvoluteIQ


JK Tech, a global IT solutions company, partners with EvoluteIQ, a market-leading technology company for hyper automation. This strategic alliance positions JK Tech to co-develop transformative business solutions in Claims Processing, Compliance, Financial Services and Healthcare and Customer Journey Management in Retail and CPG using the e.IQ Low-code/No-code hyper automation platform.

Hyper Automation has been coined by Gartner as the ‘next stage of evolution’ and is included in their list of the ‘top 10 strategic trends’ for 2021 and beyond. The e.IQ platform combines low-code / no-code, iBPMS, AI, ML, IoT, RPA Integration, Blockchain and data processing to deliver end-to-end enterprise automation. 

JK Tech and EvoluteIQ will help enterprises modernise and unlock the next level of digital disruption by accelerating the adoption of hyper automation across complex business processes to maximise the overall business productivity. Organisations can look to realise operational costs savings of at least 30 per cent by combining process simplification, domain and a robust technology platform.

Aloke Paskar, President and CEO, JK Tech said, “Our collaboration with EvoluteIQ has positioned us to co-create industry solutions and bring next-generation value to our existing and new customers. In the disruptive world of digital transformation, enterprises will rapidly migrate from experimenting on tactical automation initiatives to unlocking automation’s true potential by embracing the hyper automation paradigm. We are excited to announce this partnership in one of our key solutions that will focus on customer-driven innovation while pairing AI/ML with RPA to tackle real-world issues of automation.”

“We are thrilled to have eIQ platform power JK Tech’s Industry based automation offerings”, said Sameet Gupte, CEO, EvoluteIQ. 

“This partnership not only enables JK Tech to launch hyper automation solutions rapidly, but also bolsters the professional service’s capacity for EvoluteIQ, given the global scale and presence of JK Tech”, Gupte added.


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