Juniper Networks partners Dutch Broadcaster VPRO for data center networking technology


Juniper Networks has announced that VPRO, an independent Dutch broadcasting organization, has deployed Juniper’s solutions to modernize its data center network in support of the video-heavy requirements of three public broadcasters using a shared infrastructure.

VPRO deployed QFX Series switches and EX Series Ethernet Switches from Juniper to set up a world-class data center network that can deliver a superior experience to content editors, producers and staff creating thought-provoking documentaries. As viewers’ appetite for VPRO’s distinct perspective has grown internationally, the organization needed a more powerful IT infrastructure to support its editorial and production teams as they create content for websites, mobile apps, television, radio, live events and print. The VPRO team also needed to support the technology needs of NTR, a Dutch educational public broadcaster, and  BNNVARA, a youth-oriented public broadcaster.

“Editing, storing and transferring high-definition video places big demands on the network nowadays and video and audio files get bigger and bigger, so we needed more bandwidth to support our day-to-day activities. The powerful data center network, enabled by Juniper, can easily scale to support the objectives of the three public broadcasters as well as the work of sales and marketing, finance, human resources and legal,Valentijn Flik, Lead Architect, VPRO.

“Media companies in the Netherlands are embracing cloud applications for communications, collaboration, file sharing and storage at a time when the broadcast industry has never been more in demand or so fiercely competitive. VPRO is a prime example of a company realizing that its network can differentiate in this climate and build a new network that is cloud-ready and engineered for simplicity and reliability to deliver a better user experience, says Steven Blees, Enterprise Lead, Benelux, Juniper Networks.


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