Kaspersky Lab introduces ‘Buy and Fly’ channel partner scheme

Mr.Shivshankar Kharade, Tangible, Sales Manager Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab’s Data Guardian – Midori Kuma is now in India and is all set to protect the data of millions of people worldwide and has already toured many countries for showcasing Kaspersky’s approach to a friendly way of dealing with cybersecurity.

The brand-new Midori Kuma packaging is going to be showcased across Kaspersky Lab’s updated key range of solutions for home users, designed to safeguard everything that is valuable to them – privacy, money, memories, piece of mind for their loved ones and much more, in addition to protecting against cyberattacks. In the company’s essential products – Kaspersky Free and Kaspersky Anti-Virus – functions have been added to protect users against the newest and most advanced cyberthreats.

Improvements have also been made to the performance, ease of configuration and detection efficiency of the product line’s premium solutions – Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security. And doing this the fun and exciting way is the best way to go where people not only remember Kaspersky for its products but also have a fun and caring Data Guardian / mascot that reminds them of the same.

To further facilitate the launch of the new Green Bear packaging for its products, Kaspersky has announced a Channel Partner Scheme for its partners. On purchase of Kaspersky Consumer products worth

3.5 lakhs + taxes, you get to win a ticket to Thailand, 10 PCs of Office Utility Kit and 5 PCs of Helmet on same Purchase. The scheme stands valid from 1st September to 30th September 2018 and has been rolled out through Kaspersky’s distributor VR Infotech.

Shivshankar Kharade, Tangible Sales Manager, Kaspersky Lab (South Asia) said, “We at Kaspersky Lab aim to introduce its power-packed products and its features with a new packaging model that showcases Midori Kuma- the Data Guardian. With the new channel partner scheme, we hope to motivate our partners as they have always been and will be a very important part of the Kaspersky Lab family. We are looking for increasing partner confidence with broader reach across India and really excited about the introduction of Midori Kuma in India and hope that our partners will be as excited as us.”

Vikram Mehta, CEO, VR Infotech, said, “Our association with Kaspersky Lab in India has been a long one and we are well aligned and equipped with the new way brought by Kaspersky Lab of looking at cyber security for future growth. With the announcement of the new Green Bear packaging for its products, Kaspersky and We are excited to announce a Super Launch offer for re-sellers of buy worth rupees 35,0001 Kaspersky retail pack and get Thailand Trip,10 pieces of Office Utility Kit and 5 pieces of helmet on same purchase to support the sales. The launch offer will be available till September 2018.

We have also come up with Buy and Win offers for the end-consumers. With every pack we are offering “Assured Gift” of Kaspersky Internet Security for Android worth 365/- and in addition get “chance to win” rewards like
e-cycles, smartwatches, smartphones or branded helmets while having fun at the same time. The End-Consumer offers will be available till December 2018.”

No one understands cybersecurity needs better than Kaspersky Lab. These newly packaged products now deliver superior performance and offer premium features for better cyber protection. In lieu of the same, the price for these products have been revisited, which reflects the inclusion of these enhanced features and Kaspersky’s commitment to eliminate cyber threats globally.


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