Merative Officially Welcomes its India Global Capability & Innovation Centres across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.


Merative, a leading global data, analytics, and technology company, officially welcomes its India Global Capability & Innovation Centres across Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. This team will enable Merative to achieve its purpose of combining trusted technology and deep industry expertise to serve more than 4,500 clients in healthcare and government social services around the world. With a legacy spanning nearly five decades, Merative’s strategic investment in India as a center of excellence marks a significant milestone for the company.


Merative is committed to building a high-performing, engaged organisation. With its foothold in India now, the company will strengthen its presence by hiring local talent with skills in data, machine learning, clinical research workflows, verification, and validation for medical device software. In addition, the company will be looking to hire talent in industry-agnostic technologies like cloud technologies, dev ops, cloud infrastructure support, and enterprise applications.


Speaking on the launch, Gerry McCarthy, CEO of Merative said, “We’re embarking on a new chapter with our Merative India GCIC. Our India teammates have been a vital part of Merative’s journey, and this transition unites and strengthens our global team, making Merative complete. We continue to work closely with our clients around the world to lead the digital transformation of health and social care.”


Merative India GCIC will serve as a global center of excellence for the company, focusing on product engineering, innovation, support, and services for six key products:


Cúram – Merative’s market-leading Cúram solutions enable access to health and social care for 187 million people in 10 countries across more than 970 programs. Merative India GCIC will help play a critical role in supporting clients to transform health and social care programs.

Health Insights – Merative’s healthcare analytics product is powered by expertise from the company’s GCIC for the last two decades, and Merative is investing tens of millions of dollars – both in 2023 and 2024 – to deliver improvements to this solution.

MarketScan – Representing more than 293 million covered lives with high-precision data, MarketScan helps clients deliver higher-quality outcomes. Some key Innovations in 2023 include cloud-based and data-linking capabilities.
Merge – Merative’s industry-leading enterprise imaging solutions have received numerous industry accolades, including two solutions winning 2023 Best in KLAS, being named a leader in IDC’s MarketScape: U.S. Enterprise Medical Imaging 2022-2023, and earning Censinet® certificate for cybersecurity.

Micromedex – Merative’s solution delivers drug, disease, toxicology, patient education, and drug supply chain solutions to help ensure the safety and health of patients. With more than 400 million document views annually and 3,000 searches per minute, Micromedex is also a 2023 Best in KLAS winner for Clinical Decision Support: Point-of-Care Clinical Reference.

Zelta – Has helped manage 3,700 studies across 109 countries as Merative’s clinical data management and acquisition platform. Merative India GCIC will support this product’s plans for growth.

On the announcement, Troy Bailey, Chief Technology Officer, Merative, commented, “At Merative, we have decades of trusted technology expertise. The Merative India GCIC will enable us to achieve our vision to become even more agile and responsive to our client’s needs with a product development process focused on value. India GCIC will be a global center of excellence in data architecture/technologies and machine learning, delivering value to our clients by keeping people at the center of health and social care.”


Rama Chandra Dash, Merative India Country Head, said, “Working in India’s vibrant health-tech ecosystem, we see exceptional opportunities for Merative to positively impact our clients and the communities they serve. Many of our team members have been dedicated to our purpose-driven products for five, 10, or some even 20 years. We have strong partnerships with many of the world’s leading systems integrators. I am very proud of this team and our contributions to improve health and social care around the world.”


With India’s emergence as the world’s fifth-largest economy and a global innovation hub, Merative India GCIC is well-positioned to drive transformational impact in around the world.


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