MindSculpt Analytics engages Happiest Minds to build advanced AI Medical Preventive & Diagnostic solutions


Happiest Minds Technologies Limited, a ‘Born Digital. Born Agile’, Mindful IT Company, today announced that it has been engaged by MindSculpt Analytics, a Healthcare Solutions Company, for reshaping the science of exploration of complex data to deliver tailored medical diagnostics solutions leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.

The significant advancements in engineering and data sciences, along with enhanced computational capabilities, have ushered in new possibilities beyond traditional medical science-based preventive and diagnostic approaches. Instead, there’s a shift towards innovative technology-driven “interceptive” solutions. This project seeks to deliver precise mapping of individuals’ physiology, facilitating a highly nuanced comprehension of health, wellness, and aging on an individual level.

Happiest Minds, with its technology, bioinformatics, and data science expertise, has been chosen by MindSculpt Analytics to build this preventive & diagnostics platform. The focus of the current engagement is to build a holistic health portrait of the individual and over time leverage this for an early and accurate diagnosis and personalised treatments of multiple ailments that include a range of age and neuro-related diseases. The health portrait will be equipped to track post-disease recovery also.

Dr. Paul Salins, Founder & CEO, MindSculpt Analytics, said, “MindSculpt Analytics spearheads the creation of innovative approaches to analysing complex data, harnessing the full potential of cutting-edge technology and advanced computational tools across various fields. As we move towards the future of healthcare, a departure from traditional disease-focused and physician-dependent medical strategies to predictive auto-diagnostics led by technology and focusing on the dynamics of personal wellness emerges. Our goal is to revolutionize the acquisition of individual-specific health data, tailored for the latest advancements in data science and computational resources, enabling early prediction and measurement of health indicators, disease progression, and treatment responses. We are thrilled to collaborate with Happiest Minds, renowned for its leading information technology and artificial intelligence technical capabilities and vast expertise in realizing groundbreaking multidisciplinary solutions, complementing our medical proficiency perfectly.”

Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman of Happiest Minds, said, “We are delighted to have the opportunity to execute this highly significant project for MindSculpt Analytics.  I am also pleased that the capabilities we are building in Happiest Minds, coupled with the expertise of SKAN Research Trust, is creating a unique position to provide innovative bioinformatics and hardware solutions for the market as forerunners in a space with enormous market potential in the domain of medical research.”

Sundar Ramaswamy, SVP and Head of Analytics CoE, Happiest Minds, said, “Happiest Minds has partnered with clients on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to address their most challenging problems. Partnering with research trusts, healthcare providers and practitioners, we leverage our strong bioinformatics and data science capabilities to improve medical outcomes in early disease diagnosis & patient care. Our work with MindSculpt Analytics is to bring pioneering & path-breaking medical solutions with a novel data & AI-led approach. The end goal is to build a diagnostic platform that can be extended to provide accurate early detection & prevention of many ailments.”


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