Moonshot Distribution System to expand its omni-channel distribution network by 2023 end


Moonshot, an Omni-channel DaaS (Distribution as a Service) platform offering emerging, regional, and established D2C brands access to general trade, modern trade, e-commerce and quick commerce via its tech-enabled plug & play solution and distribution network, is aiming to increase the reach of its services Pan India and across categories by the end of the year 2023.

The company is looking forward to acquiring four to five brands and enabling a few international brands to enter the Indian market landscape by the end of the year. Currently, Moonshot is live in the Food & Beverage category, and in the upcoming months, it will be adding Personal care to its network.

The company is planning on expanding its distribution system by bringing over 3500 FMCG distributors into its network by the end of 2023. Moonshot is currently operational in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and as part of its expansion plan for this year, the network of the company will be expanding in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh in the next few months, and will be covering pan India by December 2023.

Atul Bahl, Co-founder, Moonshot Distribution System, said, “ At Moonshot Distribution System, we are initiating the widespread reach of our portfolio companies to achieve scale geographically with zero fixed costs and helping them grow 100% month-on-month. We offer extensive insights into packaging, pricing, weightage, schemes and promotions best suited to increase consumer off-take for our partner bands from both national and regional perspectives. Due to our vast market reach and our constant feedback loop we provide deep data analytics to both our brands and our distributor network helping them optimize demand and supply with extreme efficiency. ”

Dhruv Jain, Co-founder, Moonshot Distribution System, said, “At Moonshot Distribution System we are creating a robust network of distributors and warehouses throughout the country. Our deep understanding of the regional complexities in both logistics and operations is what helps our partner brands scale exponentially. With over 15 brands and over 200 SKUs in our ever growing product basket, we reduce the cost of distribution for every brand. ”

Anant Agarwal, Co-founder, Moonshot Distribution & Promoter MMG India said, “Running Coca-Cola and McDonald’s in India has given the group direct access to the consumers, hence we understand the Indian consumer needs and the dynamic consumer environment really well. The Indian landscape was always predominantly dominated by very large and old brands which have deep distribution in the market, but the market has experienced a big change in the last 4-5 years with more and more new age DTC brands and products entering the market through the e-commerce networks. While there are a lot of players who aid these brands through the online network we understood this gap in the market and started Moonshot Distribution System, which is an Omnichannel distribution platform. Moonshot is helping brands increase their reach in their market not only through e-commerce but also through physical distribution through GT and Modern trade which is the hardest nut to crack for all new age brands and products. We also aim to become a house of brands in the future with an all India Distribution Network.”

Moonshot follows an internal checklist for selecting the brands and has a waitlist of around 1200+ brands. At present, the company is looking after the distribution for brands such as Besht, Betterbite, Sartaj, Meva Bite, Trick or Treat, BTW among others and is planning to onboard more than 50 brands across over 25 categories by the end of FY24.


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