NTT launches in India, becomes the world’s top 11 ICT service provider

Kiran Bhagwanani, CEO, India for NTT Ltd

NTT Ltd has announced that Dimension Data, NTT Communications, Netmagic Solutions, NTT Security and Arkadin will be among the 28 companies and brands from over 70 countries worldwide to become NTT as part of NTT Ltd, the global US $11 billion company.

Also announced today is that NTT Ltd business in India will be led by Kiran Bhagwanani, CEO, India for NTT Ltd. He will be responsible for making sure the country meets the ambitious objectives of NTT Ltd and its clients. He reports to John Lombard, Asia Pacific CEO, NTT Ltd.

With the integration, Netmagic Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications will become a part of the Global Data Center Services business owned by NTT Ltd and will be led by Sharad Sanghi as the CEO in India. He reports to Senior Executive Vice President, ICT Infrastructure Services – Masaaki Moribayashi.

When launched on 1 July 2019, NTT Ltd brought together 40,000 people from brands into one company. NTT Ltd. will partner over 10,000 clients around the world, including leading organizations across financial services, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, energy and utilities, manufacturing, automotive and technology sectors.

With this integration, clients will also benefit from NTT’s innovation center in Japan and have access to its full partnership network. In rebranding to NTT, NTT Ltd. in India will be able to offer its clients an unparalleled range of skills and capabilities across many technologies.

The brands that will be combined over a phased period to form NTT Ltd. include Arkadin, CAPSiDE, Communications Lifecycle Management (CLM), DPA, DTSI Group, Emerio, e-shelter, Euricom, e2y, Global IP Network (GIN), Gyron, Netmagic Solutions, NTT Communications Cloud Infrastructure Services (NTT Com CIS), NTT Communications Managed Services, NTT Global Networks, NTT Indonesia Nexcenter (NTTI Nexcenter), Oakton, RagingWire, Secure-24, SQL Services, Symmetry, Training Partners, Transatel, Viiew and WhiteHat Security.

Kiran Bhagwanani, CEO, India for NTT Ltd. added, “It’s an honor to be leading NTT Ltd. India into this exciting new era. Over the years, we have had the privilege of building multi-year technology partnerships and providing managed IT services to marquee clients in India. In our own way, we have contributed to building a Digital India through large scale deployment and management of IT assets for some of the largest banks and financial institutions, manufacturing conglomerates, telecom service providers and the services sector.”

He added, “The journey has been rewarding and enriching. Over the past 8 years, our India business has grown at a fast rate of 18% CAGR while meeting its profit goals for 28 consecutive quarters, making it one of the fastest growing and most profitable businesses of the Dimension Data brand. With this integration, our goals and capabilities increase multi-fold. We have created a global technology powerhouse that delivers full breadth of industry-leading products, solutions and world-class managed services to empower our clients in their digital transformation journey; and gives them access to multiple technologies and capabilities under brand NTT. Our clients will also gain tremendously with NTT Group’s research and innovation capabilities for which the annual average investment for the next five years is USD 3.6 billion.”

Sharad Sanghi, MD and CEO, Netmagic Solutions says, “The creation of Global Data Center and Cloud Services division will strengthen our growth plans in the Indian sub-continent. With the growing demand of our high-density and hyperscale data centers in the industry, Netmagic aims to expand its footprint to more than double its current capacity over the next few years. We run our own managed cloud hosting service in India and have now expanded to offer a multi-cloud hybrid platform. We are one of the fastest growing ICT companies over the past 5 years.”

“For NTT’s global clients and partners in India, this means an acceleration of their ambitions through digital transformation with a seamless combined set of expertise and leadership position of Netmagic in the managed IT hosting and cloud services. Clients can also leverage the significant investments that NTT is making in innovation,” concludes Sanghi.

With this integration, NTT Ltd. becomes the 11th largest ICT provider in the world with a portfolio of offerings more comprehensive than others in this market currently. In India, it caters to over 2,500 prestigious clients and employs over 6,500 people across the country.


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