NxtGen Infinite Datacenter develops India’s first fully integrated Video analytics service


NxtGen, a leading Cloud Technologies and Datacenter provider in India has announced the launch of its Video Analytics as-a-service model, introducing Covid-19 Surveillance and Team Management bundles, targeted to counter workplace challenges posed by the pandemic. The newly launched offering/ solution is a fully integrated end to end solution, powered by AI/ML, under a single operational fee coupled with advance infrastructure and software understanding from a single company. This solution enables businesses/ organisations to achieve agility and continuity in an environment where reporting at work is imperative/ essential in these time with making minimal or no change to the existing surveillance infrastructure. Furthermore, it will aid workplaces to address the ever-changing ‘back to work’ environment in an effective manner and significantly contribute to make them future ready. NxtGen’s Video Analytics solution offers fully managed and pre integrated digital solutions coupled with ease of deployment, a single operational fee for infrastructure, support and software, reducing the complexity for the customer and quicker deployment of software, making this offering a first of its kind in the market.

NxtGen’s unique as a service model for Video Analytics is a concept that stems out of democratising a piece of technology ensuring simplicity, manageability, and cost optimisation, coupled with complete end to end and customisable solutions. In light of the challenges posed by the pandemic, NxtGen aspires to cater to industries that require their employees to be on premise. Covid-19 Surveillance and Team Management bundles have been created to provide end to end solutions for businesses through video analytics, ensuring that all the norms and protocols of Covid-19 are being followed in a back to work setting.

Some of the key features of NxtGen’s Video Analytics as-a-service include:

Fully managed and pre integrated service workflows that enhances solution manageability
Custom spec ‘Smart Analytics Camera’ designed specifically for Video Analytics
Unlimited Video / Feed Analytics and AI/ML driven Correlation engine for multiple feeds with powerful transcoding engine
Digital Surveillance and analytics that enables remote monitoring, facial recognition as a service, real time alerts and notifications
Outcome based pricing models that provide end to end services with no further costs to the consumer
Every business have certain day to day operations that require human presence. The pandemic has created a new form of social order and protocols that are essential to be followed by every member of the society. Observing the need to set up a fully integrated system that manages all the parameters associated with the pandemic, NxtGen introduced Covid-19 Surveillance and Team Management bundles in order to enable organisations of diverse scale and size to be future forward while ensuring utmost safety for their staff.

Covid-19 Surveillance is a completely automated and remotely managed bundle that reduces the need for human touch/contact either through too many security personnel or traditional biometric scanners, maintaining a safe work environment. Some of its key features include:

Face mask detection violation
Temperature checker via thermal cameras
Social distance adherence and violation alerts & reports
Maintaining face data and visitation timing logs for authorised and unauthorised people
Team Management bundle primarily aids in efficiently managing people at work especially in large workspace areas like factories and warehouses. This bundle offers NxtGen’s unique attendance as a service through video analytics while sending real time alerts coupled with on demand self-service reports. Some of its key features include:

Configure staff/security personnel to identify known and unknow faces towards attendance and visitor management
Identify Black Listed faces and raise alerts
Staff face recognition and attendance reporting
Monitors sensitive areas for authorised access and violation alerts
Occupancy tracing and dwell time which improves overall team productivity
Commenting on its launch, Mr. Rajesh Dangi, Chief Digital Officer, NxtGen Infinite Datacenter, said, “We at NxtGen are proud to introduce our fully integrated end-to-end, Video Analytics as-a-service solution. Our offering comprises of superior software that is built on the expertise we have in the field of emerging technologies, making it easy to deploy and an extremely cost-effective outcome-based model.

Our Covid-19 Surveillance and Team Management bundles have been created keeping in mind the back to work environment and how unpredictable and ever-changing it is. These bundles offer flexibility of integration in existing infrastructure and can be utilised across the Manufacturing, Retail, BSFI, Healthcare industries, etc. We are glad that through our expertise, capabilities and diligence, we have created a technology suite/ offering that is fully integrated, enabling enterprises of every scale to be future ready without adding much to their capital expenditure”

In February, 2020, NxtGen’s expertise and capabilities in the field of video analytics led to securing of the prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Award for governance and conceptualisation of smart city surveillance. NxtGen’s Video Analytics as-a-service model is in – line with its vision of democratising technology to empower businesses, regardless of scale, to adapt and utilise technology for the larger good in a cost-effective manner.


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