Over 900 million cyberattacks blocked with 90% increase in Q2, 2023: Reveals – ‘The State of Application Security Report’ by Indusface (Apr – June, 2023)


Indusface, a TCGF II (Tata Capital) funded, rapidly growing Application Security SaaS company, today released its State of Application Security Q2, (April-June) 2023 Report.

The insights revealed point to a staggering surge in cyberattacks, with Indusface’s robust AppTrana network successfully blocking over 947 million cyberattacks in India, out of a global total of 1.1 billion. This figure reflects a sharp escalation of 90% in the frequency of cyberattacks on Indian websites during Q2, 2023, as compared to Q1, 2023, which recorded 500 million attacks.

Particularly targeted sectors included Banking and Insurance, with the Healthcare sector also being heavily affected, as each website in the sector encountered Bot attacks. The prevalence of Bot attacks rose by 48% in Q2 (88 million attacks) compared to Q1, 2023 (59 million attacks), underlining the pervasive nature of this threat.

DDoS attacks also increased significantly, seeing a 75% upswing from the previous quarter globally. Following India, the countries from which the most attacks originated were the United States and the United Kingdom.
Sharing his views, Ashish Tandon, CEO of Indusface, said, “The India story is an exciting one and looks like even the bad actors have noticed it. While we track the growth in attacks worldwide, no other major geography saw an increase of 90% on attacks.”

He further added, “DDoS continues to be the #1 threat vector. Enterprises continue to prioritise application availability for legitimate users and risk DDoS attacks as the implications of false positives are significant. This is because most methods to combat DDoS don’t adapt well enough especially when there are bursts in traffic on legitimate use cases such as a year-end tax return filing.”

“We have been able to address this problem well for our customers with AppTrana. The Anti-DDoS capability in the platform adapts to user behaviour and greatly reduces false positives.” Concluded Ashish.


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