Partners expect rationalization taxes, boosting of Digital India

(Illustration by C R Sasikumar)

Just ahead of the election Budget 2019, CRN checks with IT partners for their budget expectations..Read more.

Saket Kapur

Saket Kapur, secretary, PCAIT
Factually this being the last one from the current government and being an interim one, expecting too much out of it doesn’t make logical sense. However the wishful thinking of a business owner/entrepreneur demands rationalization of GST tax slabs to a few and increase in direct tax slabs.

Sabarinathan Sampath

Sabarinathan Sampath, Senior Vice President, RackNap
Businesses are keen to ensure that there is continuity in the policies of the government. Initiatives like Digital India have certainly fast tracked Digital transformation. More emphasis should be placed on these kind of initiatives. We are expecting more funding should be provided to ‘Digital India’ campaign which will improve the adoption of latest technologies including e-governance. This will also enable businesses to generate more jobs in the country.



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