PayU India unveils CommercePro stack to fuel business growth


PayU India, India’s leading online payment solutions provider, has unveiled its CommercePro stack — a comprehensive product suite designed to cater to the evolving needs of businesses at all stages of growth. This suite will help address key challenges and empower merchants with a unified all-in-one solution for enhanced customer delight, increased order conversions, and seamless integration.

All businesses — growing or established — face an array of challenges ranging from cart abandonment, operational inefficiencies to scalability issues. Recognizing these pain points, PayU’s new CommercePro stack emerges as a market-first integrated solution that solves for these challenges for companies across the spectrum, regardless of their scale.

Key highlights of the CommercePro stack:

  • Checkout Express: Increase conversions by making payments easier, smarter, faster and safer. Experience low RTOs, multiple payment options and personalization, reduced cart drop-offs, and higher repeat customer engagement. Enjoy seamless order management, intelligent inventory management and market-first features across logistics, loyalty and rewards.
  • Data Insights: Leverage unparalleled insights across consumers and customers to help formulate new user acquisition strategies, drive higher conversions, increase customer lifetime value, and mitigate risks.
  • Offers Engine: Unleash the potential of customized offers and campaigns to drive higher sales, loyalty, and customer acquisition.
  • Recommendation Engine: Harness AI-powered recommendations to enhance cross-selling, upselling, and personalized customer interactions.
  • FlexiCash: Avail up to ₹25L worth of instant cash with flexible repayment tenures ranging from 7 to 90 days, with minimal documentation and no collateral. Enjoy a digital credit line up to 2X of the payment gateway transaction volume with no hidden charges and competitive rates as compared to traditional credit options.

Besides these new plug & play solutions, the new CommercePro stack also includes Priority Settlements, ReconX, WhatsApp Commerce, Affordability Widget, quick & easy plugins, and much more, all available through PayU’s new merchant app. This will present business owners a unified comprehensive platform for managing business operations, integrating multiple payment products, and expanding online and offline operations.

Speaking at the launch, Manas Mishra, CPO – PayU India said, “With the CommercePro Stack, we’re not just introducing a suite of products tailored for businesses focused on the Indian market; we’re fundamentally redefining their notion of business growth. This comprehensive toolkit, fueled by Indian innovation and technology built out of India, addresses real world pain points with new avenues for success. The CommercePro stack is a true testament to our commitment to simplifying digital payments, driving business efficiency, and offering real-world solutions to businesses across India.”

The CommercePro suite represents the brand’s commitment to Indian businesses, providing merchants with a robust toolkit to overcome challenges and achieve exponential growth. This initiative aligns perfectly with PayU India’s goal of making digital payments easy, secure, and accessible to all.


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