Pickrr gears up to fast track e-commerce operations in India


Pickrr, a logistics and shipping software for e-commerce businesses, is now all set to resolve the warehousing woes that will help them grow their businesses exponentially. The logistics firm is rolling out its intelligent warehousing and fulfillment solution, Pickrr Plus to help sellers offer a better customer experience at a lower overall logistics cost, without investing in a physical warehousing space or expensive WMS solutions.

Until now, Pickrr has been streamlining the logistics solutions for e-commerce brands with its proprietary courier selection algorithm ‘Calcula’, which selects the best courier platforms for each pin code of India. This enables the seller to access the best delivery time. 

Now, by combining it with Pickrr Plus’s intelligent and dynamic allocation of inventory, the company will be able to reduce their overall logistics costs by 30 per cent and the average delivery turnaround time by almost 20 per cent. The platform will be storing the seller’s products across multiple warehouses based our Pickrr’s internal analysis of 100 data points across India and ship it to the consumers from there.

Commenting on introducing this development, Rhitiman Majumder, Co-founder and CEO, Pickrr said, “India’s e-commerce industry has been witnessing a huge surge during this pandemic and there is significant room for future growth, which mean the sellers would require effective warehousing that helps in swifter movement of products within the system, which is essential for an enhanced customer experience.”

“Our smart replenishment backed by data can help reduce the stock-outs and unutilised inventory at warehouses, resulting in increased revenue and declining inventory costs for the sellers. By leveraging Pickrr Plus combined with Pickrr smart courier selection, the country’s e-commerce sellers and D2C brands will be able to successfully amplify their customer experience just like an e-commerce giant,” added Majumder.


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