Poly launches its first virtual demonstration studio in India 


Poly launched its virtual demonstration studio in Gurugram. The virtual demonstration studio will allow customers a first-hand experience of Poly’s pro-grade audio and video technology that aligns with today’s prevalent hybrid workstyle personas. Poly has established a similar studio in Texas, United States. It is the first virtual demonstration studio the company is opening in India that will also cater to customers located throughout APAC. 

When it comes to having a hybrid workforce, it has become increasingly evident that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Poly has researched six distinct personas within the majority of businesses, representing approximately 92% of employees within a typical enterprise, each with different character traits. By identifying the attributes, pain points, and communication preferences associated with each persona, businesses are better equipped to match workstyles and employee behaviours to devices and technologies, thereby increasing organisational productivity.   

Elaborating on the launch of the studio, Ankur Goel, Managing Director for Poly India & SAARC, said, “Two out of three customers in India choose to have virtual briefings over physical briefings to experience Poly’s technologies. Moreover, 70% of the virtual demonstration requests we have received in the past two years in APAC have been from India. Given these factors, India became the ideal destination to launch our first virtual demonstration studio in APAC.”   

Ankur added, ” Our recent ‘Recruit, Retain and Grow’ study revealed that over 74% of Indian employers believe that hybrid working is the future. In a hybrid work setup, it is important that every employee has a similar work experience and feels heard and noticed, no matter their work location. As a result, our customers are currently focusing on matching different workstyles and employee behaviours to the right collaboration technologies to power successful hybrid workspaces. At Poly, we would like to cater to the transitioning work culture and offer solutions that make hybrid work a lasting success for the future.” 

The newly launched studio will showcase to customers how they can outfit their diverse workforce with customised collaboration tools and enable them to provide an equal hybrid work experience for their workforce, whether their employees are working from home, from the office, or from a mobile workspace.

Jennifer Adams, Senior Sales Experience and Enablement Director at Poly said, “There has been a huge behaviour shift across workstyles since the pandemic with more employees gravitating towards a hybrid work setup. Therefore, it has become crucial for customers to understand these different personas and outfit them with the right technologies if they are serious about retaining talent. Our virtual demonstration studio will enable customers to experience the different collaborative solutions and allow us to provide tailor-made solutions that will suit the needs of each organisation.” 


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