Micro Focus LoadRunner SaaS Solutions named a leader by GigaOm Radar for cloud performance testing tools


Micro Focus announced that its SaaS offerings for the LoadRunner family of performance engineering solutions have achieved a leader position in the GigaOm Radar for Cloud Performance Testing Tools in 2022. LoadRunner SaaS received consistently high marks across key criteria and evaluation metrics for cloud performance testing tools. In fact, the report said, “The LoadRunner product line from Micro Focus is still the strongest performer in this market, with the largest set of functionalities.”

According to the report, LoadRunner SaaS solutions received its high rating because of capabilities not available from competitors. “Simulated network behavior is a game changer for achieving real user experience testing and is unique in this market. The ability to consume the output of open-source testing tools as the basis for high-scale testing is also unique in this cloud market. The breadth of what network functions can be tested and how the tests can be structured confirms this solution’s positioning as a Leader,” the report said.

“LoadRunner has been at the forefront of best-in-class performance engineering solutions for decades,” said Vicky Giavelli, Director of Performance Engineering Product Management at Micro Focus. “With cloud and SaaS offerings now the de-facto way of doing business, LoadRunner leads the way for how dev teams deploy high performing applications, allowing them to engineer quality and optimize performance at any point in the DevOps pipeline.” Micro Focus believes that performance testing must evolve into a proactive, continuous performance engineering discipline. Hence, LoadRunner is right-sized for different users, exploits test reuse, and delivers a scalable, shared infrastructure that helps establish a performance engineering ecosystem.

The GigaOm report also provided a recap of some other LoadRunner SaaS advantages. “Benefits include fluid licensing to avoid shelfware, stiff competition on price with its peers, and its ability to work with open-source development tools, which allows for easier integration with developers and DevOps teams.”

The LoadRunner family of performance engineering solutions includes LoadRunner Professional, LoadRunner Enterprise, LoadRunner Cloud and LoadRunner Developer. These help teams deliver high-performing apps that surpass customer expectations through end-to-end performance engineering.


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