Prama Hikvision’s smart healthcare solutions with AI empowered end to end thermal screening ensures security


Healthcare facilities like hospitals, special healthcare centers and clinics have myriad and specialised protection requirements. What is more, they require a security, safety and hygienic environment for the patients, doctors, nurses and paramedic staff. Hospital and healthcare authorities should consider a smart healthcare solution to address various security, safety and hygiene challenges effectively. 

Hospitals and health care facilities are designed to be places of healing, recovery, and tranquillity. However, with high volumes of people constantly coming and going – visitors, volunteers, patients, and others – maintaining smooth operations and responding quickly to emergency events are becoming more challenging. 

Furthermore, recording the activities of hospital personnel, securing limited access areas, and keeping parking lots operating efficiently require intelligent technology. Some of the most common requirements for a hospital solution might include, ensuring around-the-clock safety for patients and staff, quickly evaluating incidents for prompt event response, effectively managing access control and attendance for critical and restricted areas and centralising operations for all the various systems.  

Prama Hikvision’s Solution for Healthcare Facilities helps to answer all of these concerns and more with its advanced technology, powerful cameras, and reliable recording devices. Everywhere from guard stations to intensive care units, Hikvision products powerfully assist and protect healthcare facilities and personnel, making both security and management for hospitals easier and more intelligent. 

In the ongoing pandemic crisis, innovative products and solutions like Temperature Screening Thermographic Cameras, Temperature Measurement Walk-Through Detector and MinMoe Face Recognition Terminal with Temperature Screening and Face Mask Wearing Alert, are helpful to manage large number of hospital staff, visitors, patients and doctors. Hikvision Temperature Screening Solution, with multiple product types and wide range of applications, is designed for the detection of skin-surface temperatures so as to achieve rapid and safe preliminary screening in public areas with high efficiency in a multitude of scenarios. These include Thermographic Cameras, MinMoe Terminals, Metal Detector Door, DeepinMind NVRs and Smart Onboard Terminals.

All-around protection with multiple systems helps to keep Pharmacies safe and secure. Strict and controlled access with face recognition terminals to ensure that only authorised persons can enter the premises. The solution keeps a Video Log of all entry and exit records of the visitors. It monitors the indoor temperature and sends alarm notifications if any temperature anomaly is found.


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