Qlik and Fortune launch “The Pandemic Effect on the Fortune Global 500” Data Analytics Site

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Qlik today debuted the “The Pandemic Effect on the Fortune Global 500” interactive data analytics site in partnership with Fortune, timed with the publication of the Fortune Global 500 list. In its second year as the official analytics partner of the Global Fortune 500, Qlik is delivering a unique data visualization experience that builds on the data-driven exploration of the Fortune 500 from earlier this year, providing a journey through how the recent COVID-19 crisis impacted the revenue and profit performance of the world’s leading companies.

“The impact of COVID-19 on the world’s leading companies comes to life in the Pandemic Effect of the Fortune Global 500,” said Rick Jackson, CMO of Qlik. “Qlik’s unique analytics platform is showcasing the data behind the story of how the pandemic impacted leaders, markets and sectors throughout the past year.”

Similar to last year, the site details through visualizations the revenue and performance of the organizations and industry sectors that shape the 2021 Fortune Global 500 while highlighting specifics on how the pandemic affected market performance, including:

An overview of how COVID-19 impacted overall 2021 revenue and profit performance of the Fortune Global 500 compared to historical performance.
The profit impact on companies in the US, China and Japan as compared to companies in EMEA, APAC (excluding China and Japan), and Americas (excluding US), with the ability to explore individual country level profit performance for the countries in each region.
A world map that shows the pandemic’s impact on individual country revenues and profit.
A sector level analysis that compares the performance changes from 2020 to 2021 in various key areas such as Healthcare, Energy, Finance, Technology and Motor Vehicles and Parts.

“The companies of the FORTUNE Global 500 produced $31.7 trillion in revenue during a year of immense change,” says Brian O’Keefe, Acting Editor-in-Chief of FORTUNE. “The team at Qlik has used the Global 500 data to paint a vivid picture of that change, and demonstrated which sectors thrived and faltered while facing it, in a way that will help readers conceptualize what the business world has been through.”


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