RAH Infotech pioneers information security value-added distribution

Ashok Kumar, Managing Director, RAH Infotech

Delhi based RAH Infotech is looking to enter into cloud, machine learning, and Internet of Things distribution. The distributor is also giving impetus to promote Indian brands for value-added distribution

Owing to the government, BFSI and new data regulatory and compliance, Delhi based security-focused distributor RAH Infotech has registered double-digit growth in FY 18-19. From a traditional 35 percent YoY growth, the company has garnered over 70 percent growth in FY 18-19. This spurt in growth has set new directions for the distributor in terms of adding a new line of business and positioning itself as a complete information lifecycle management provider.

RAH has been into niche value-added distribution and specialises in the fields of networking, security and data protection. It has distribution partnerships with the world’s leading OEMs for last one decade. Today, it represents 20 information security brands, wherein close to 10 brands constitute 70 per cent of the business.

RAH has been reckoned as an engine for bringing the several US and Israeli security brands to Indian shores. The distributor commands a strong logistics, partner network and reach strengths, but its technical expertise is one of the core differentiators, adding more value to its business growth.

“Today one-third of our resources are technical. We add 10-15 new people every year to strengthen our technical team. Our technical team has helped us in getting new business and OEMs tie-ups, adding new partners and customers from segments

like BFSI, banks, hospitality, and automobile. We are aiming to become a 360-degree distribution house with a strong understanding of technical know-how,” says Ashok Kumar, Managing Director, RAH Infotech.

Apart from seeing healthy growth, the contribution from the government segment has emerged as one big surprise to RAH’s growth. In the previous financial years, the government business used to vary from 15-20 per cent for RAH, but this year government/BFSI/ PSUs have given 50 per cent growth.

“The government business has given a new push to our business. We have won new deals with the support from our Tier 1 and Tier 2 partners in the government space. Looking at the current distribution scenarios, many security distributors are picking direct orders, but we are committed to our a partner that has helped in winning partners’ trust and getting new orders,” says Kumar.

The distributor also conducted its first focused event for its government customers on potential security issues that can impact in delivering the government’s citizen-centric services. From distribution brand business, after two of its big OEMs Winmagic and F-secure shut down operations in India. Check Point, Gemalto, Radware, Forescout, Infoblox, Rapid7, and Skybox are among the largest brands which attract 70 per cent of the business.

RAH has also started adding Indian brands to its kitty. It has started promoting and distributing local brands like Innefu, Smokescreen, Seclore and Vehere recently. “Business is as usual after Winmagic and F-secure closure in India. We have filled the gap with new brands and looking for new areas to step into,” shares Kumar.

New areas in distribution

Currently, RAH covers the entire chain of information security, but to beco

Ashis Guha CEO rah infotech

me an end-to-end security distributor, it is looking to add storage and backup vendors into its portfolio. “We are talking to new global vendors and existing vendors to fill the gap. We intend to have solutions for end-to-end backup storage, disaster management and disaster recovery. We will also be adding a US-based networking vendor early next month,” informs the newly appointed CEO Ashis Guha, who has worked with large global SIs, security and storage companies before joining RAH.

For RAH, the distribution relationship with most of the brands has been standing for four-five years, despite the fact that the security industry has witnessed churns of brands, M&A, change in leadership and OEM policy. With its vision to keep looking for value additions for its OEMs, customers and partners have been making it a strong distribution player in security space. The company has also grown its overseas business with the support of global system integrators (GSIs). This business has picked up in the last one year for RAH. It has executed large orders and set up direct offices.

Cloud, AI, ML and IoT are another thrust areas for RAH, where it’s building its technical capabilities and looking to introduce new value-added services to its portfolio. “Cloud is a big focus area for us and we will soon be entering into cloud distribution as it promises huge business opportunities. Today, mid to large customers are on cloud and we will be entering into cloud service business to tap this opportunity,” concludes Guha.

key attributes

  • Major distribution brands: Check Point, Gemalto, Radware,Forescout, Infoblox, Rapid7 and Skybox
  • Strength of RAH Infotech: Strong technical and marketing support to its Tier 1 and Tier 2 partnership
  • 200 active partners: Strong OEMs partner

    ship for pre-post sales support

  • Capabilities: Built a strong network of partners, logistics and reach. Technical support for building PoC, SOC


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