ReCast Technologies launches Live Commerce platform ‘MallStreet’ to bring retail shops online


ReCast Technologies, a Bengaluru-based start-up dedicated to the digital enablement of brick and mortar retail stores, launched an innovative platform “MallStreet” for Remote Live Video Shopping.  Available as a browser-based web-app, MallStreet combines the sensory & social gratification of in-store shopping at one’s favourite stores, with the convenience of e-commerce & the emergent need for social distancing and reduced contact interactions.

“We are offering a digital infrastructure service to brick & mortar stores that will rekindle the concept of “House of Store”- of transforming them into a digital entity, without denuding them of their identity as an established and  household name.”-Mr. Jayesh Chakravarthi, Co-founder & CEO, ReCast Technologies

“The tri-factor of improving smartphone price to performance, reducing cost of compute through Cloud and faster network through 5G technologies will establish Live Video shopping as another convenient channel of shopping for consumers. -Mr. Prasad Hebbar, Co-founder & CTO, ReCast Technologies

“If your customer can’t come to you, then take your store to her. Live Commerce does just that – it infuses the sensory & social richness of in-store shopping with the safety & convenience of e-commerce. In short, Live Commerce = E-commerce ++, & will likely be the future of brick & mortar shopping.” – Sandeep Upadhyay, Co-founder & CMO, ReCast Technologies


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