Recordent launches its pan India level channel partner program


Recordent announced the launch of its pan-India affiliate program, empowering the partners at Pan-India level. With the launch of this programme Recordent seeks to partner with over 650 people in 130 cities in India. The industry leading payout plan will be the highest in the Fintech domain and is poised to be a potential disruptor, impacting a major change in the MSME sector through Recordent’s value proposition.

The partnership expansion programme will be conducted in four phases across India and will make sure to reach every corner of the country to select the best candidates in taking forward Recordent’s vision of helping everyone enrolled under this programme in generating high personal income as per their potential. The DSI programme seeks to find and hone individuals who come with a strong entrepreneurial mindset, working professionals in the Fintech domain like CA, CFA or consultants, strong people skills and who will be able to undergo training and Sales in digital modes. The right attitude with a skills can also be utilised by college students, home makers, retirees, software or insurance agents and networked professionals like CA, CFA, social media influencers and entrepreneurs to be a part of the DSI programme.

Winny Patro, CEO & Co-Founder, Recordent said, “We have always believed in the strength that people carry with them when they seek to succeed. The DSI programme with its payout structures ranging from INR 45,000 to INR 85,000 per month will help all who be a part of this journey to be able to take a step in their journey to financial independence, professional learnings, and personal success. Recordent is looking for individuals who have the entrepreneurial drive in them to be able to succeed with this programme.”

All DSI programme enrolees will undergo a thorough one month training programme in batches in digital and physical modes, spending 32 hours in a contact programme with the business development teams, and will also attend corresponding physical events. The training modules have been designed to encompass a wide range of situational awareness, domain benchmarks and a mix of testing & simulation scenarios to hone skills for DSI programme recruits to meet world-class standards. Interested applicants can apply through the Recordent website with their qualifications and relevant experience, after which they will be shortlisted for training and eventual assignments.


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