Sentry Software Partners with New Relic to Help Organisations Track their Carbon Footprint with On-prem Infrastructure Observability


Sentry Software, a renowned leader in hardware and storage observability with a strong commitment to sustainable IT practices, announced an integration with New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer. By combining the power of New Relic and Sentry Software, any organisation with on-premise IT infrastructures can consolidate health and performance insights for both software and hardware into one platform while tracking sustainability metrics for each monitored system, server room, or data center. This allows organisations to reduce operating costs, lower carbon emissions, and reduce downtime.

“We’re proud to partner with Sentry Software to give organisations the data they need to reduce their carbon footprint and make progress toward their sustainability goals,” said Manav Khurana, Chief Product Officer at New Relic. “The combined strengths of Hardware Sentry and New Relic can help organisations implement full-stack observability across their entire infrastructure, to ensure that their systems perform both optimally and with a reduced carbon footprint.”

Sentry Software’s flagship product, Hardware Sentry, is a cutting-edge hardware monitoring solution powered by the open-source instrumentation capabilities of OpenTelemetry. New Relic integrates with Hardware Sentry to facilitate in-depth insights into heterogeneous on-premise IT infrastructures with pre-built dashboards and built-in alerting to detect changes in key health metrics. The Sentry Software and New Relic integration allows organisations with on-premise IT infrastructure to:

Monitor complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructures: Monitor processors, memory modules, disks, network cards, and more to streamline on-premise IT infrastructure diagnosis and troubleshooting processes.

Analyse energy consumption: Effortlessly assess energy efficiency across multiple data centers using daily, monthly, or yearly power consumption metrics, without the need for costly smart power distribution units.
Improve environmental transparency: Monitor, assess, and report on CO₂ emissions tied to data center energy consumption, enhancing visibility on organisations’ environmental impact.

Optimise cooling expenses: Identify ideal data center temperature configurations to safely and efficiently reduce cooling costs.

“I strongly advocate for prioritising observability in our quest to lower carbon emissions,” said Bertrand Martin, Chief Executive Officer at Sentry Software. “Many users express frustration due to limited visibility in this area. Empowering organisations with robust monitoring and observability solutions is key to making meaningful progress and providing our users with the necessary insights to address carbon emissions effectively.”

New Relic Instant Observability democratises access to observability across the software stack by offering nearly 750 integrations with leading cloud services, open-source tools, and enterprise technologies. New Relic is rapidly growing its integration ecosystem to help support customers through transformational digital customer experience efforts, cloud migration projects, and DevOps initiatives. New users can monitor systems and applications faster, and existing users can centralise their monitoring and get more value out of New Relic.

The Hardware Sentry integration with New Relic is available at no additional cost to all New Relic full platform users. To get started, check out the Hardware Sentry quickstart integration for New Relic. For more information, read Sentry Software joins forces with New Relic for Instant Observability.


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