ShieldX networks expands in India, announces strategic partnership


SRC Cyber Solutions has announced strategic collaboration with ShieldX, a pioneer of elastic micro-segmentation cloud security. Through the partnership, SRC can now provide its customers in the Indian market an innovative cloud
native, ML-based next generation cloud security platform, providing threat detection and granular enforcement of the traffic along the east west axis.

“With the maturation of the cloud, more organizations look toward the cloud as a viable, affordable and easily manageable option for technology infrastructure. However,
migration to the cloud comes with the stark realization that traditional network security tools are ill-equipped for dynamic cloud environments,” said Dr. Ratinder
Ahuja,ShieldX, Founder& Chief officer.

“Cloud environments change at such a rapid pace, most solutions cannot keep track of the assets in the environment, let alone threats that are targeting them.
ShieldX does what no one else in the market can – detecting changes, automating policy generation, and securing traffic across layers 3-7. All designed to allow
businesses to securely adopt the cloud,” said Ken Levine, CEO of ShieldX.

With this collaboration, SRC’s Customers benefit from an advanced, cloud native security plat- form addressing micro-segmentation and inspection of east west
traffic. Traditionally, enterprise cloud environments change at such a fast pace that adapting without human intervention was nearly impossible. ShieldX delivers
automation and orchestration enabling organizations to ensure cloud investments stay secure in the face of rapid change.

“A growing demand has been witnessed in the current hyper-connected world for a cloud native, adaptable security solution protecting organizations from the
lateral spread accompanying sophisticated cyber-attacks,” said Rohit Khandelwal, Designated Partner at SRC.

“With our in-depth corporate knowledge & extensive relationships in India, our partnership with ShieldX will provide a huge opportunity to our customers with
powerful detection and response along with dedicated support infrastructure in India.”

He further added, “With this new alliance, SRC and ShieldX together will strengthen and deepen its operations with their Enterprise Customers, the Big4 Advisories, distributors and channel partners in India and other global regions.”


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