SoftTech Engineers announces AmpliNXT, a hybrid startup program


SoftTech Engineers, a provider in the software solutions for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction(AEC) sector has announced the launch of its hybrid corporate venture program, AmpliNXT, to integrate the benefits of an incubator, an accelerator, and a corporate venture. Based on its 25+ years of experience in the AEC domain, SoftTech Engineers has come up with this exclusive technology-driven program. The first-of-its-kind program for the AEC sector in India, AmpliNXT offers tailored support to industry experts, entrepreneurs, and domain experts. 

AmpliNXT aims to improve the AEC Sector with scalable startups as it understands that with a market size of over 10 trillion globally, the AEC sector hasn’t seen much intervention of technology, and ease of doing business for startups is excessively challenging. The startup ecosystem also lacks proper support for venturing into this sector.  This initiative is to bridge the gap between corporates and startups through collaborations, support startups in scaling up, and encourage more technology-based startups to work in the Construction domain.    

Commenting on this program, Vijay Gupta, Founder and CEO, SoftTech Engineers said, “We are very excited in supporting technology startups to grow in Architecture, construction and Engineering Sector. The startups play a critical role in our country’s development and its economic growth, and by this initiative, we hope to nurture startups and pilot them into the AEC domain. We also hope to partner with other enterprises  who will leverage the AmpliNXT for providing unmatched access to startups, Innovations, R&D efforts to build future-ready technology.”


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