Stellano launches MagentaBusiness Networks based on Juniper Solution


Stellaneo AG (global full managed service partner), as a partner of Deutsche Telekom, launches the agile software-based “MagentaBusiness Networks based on Juniper Solution”, a rapidly deployable automated network solution based on “Juniper Session Smart Routing (SSR) 128 Technology”. Via the innovative AI orchestrated operating platform “Stellaneo Nocware”, the software-based solution from Juniper is delivered to any location worldwide, including hardware, within a few days. On site, it’s just a matter of unpacking, plugging in and switching on. The solution then largely installs itself and the site is immediately connected to the existing corporate network. The solution can be integrated independently of the network provider or existing security solutions. Other benefits of the Juniper SSR solution: based on AI “Nocware Dashboard”, around 3,500 metrics about the network are permanently monitored, and network management is automated. The Juniper SSR solution already has access for Microsoft Azure, Google and Amazon Web Service (AWS), making cloud connectivity instantaneous at the click of a button.

The topic of enterprise networking had largely been off the radar in recent years, considered a cost factor and not seen as an enabler of digital transformation. The principle was: networks simply have to work. But reports are piling up that companies are complaining about performance problems when using cloud or video conferencing solutions, for example with Office 365, Teams or Citrix. Data exchange for real-time applications, such as payment systems or the use of SAP applications, does not work. New locations can only be integrated with great effort and high costs. Network operation is time-consuming, and security costs are on the rise.

The IDC study “Network Transformation in Germany 2021” warns that companies in Germany underestimate the relevance of networks that can be automated and perform well for digitization technologies such as IoT, edge computing and multi-cloud. As a result, “networks, network architectures and network management are not up to current or future requirements for network performance and functionality.”

One reason for these network problems is that, currently, MPLS networks are based almost entirely on packet-based data transmission and tunnel-based routing using IPSec (1990s technology). This creates an overhead with every data packet. However, this technology no longer meets the current requirements for enterprise networks in view of the increasing data load, the use of IoT solutions, and the fragmentation of company locations due to a large number of home offices or external locations. As a result, networks are increasingly becoming bottlenecks for data communications. At the same time, the need for real-time communication is increasing in companies. Network administration is complex, costs are rising, and there is a lack of full network visibility down to the application layer.

Juniper has ushered in a new era of network technology with Session Smart Routing (SSR) 128 technology. The solution reduces data transmission overheads by up to 50 percent, optimizes routing, and therefore routing and encryption have little impact on available bandwidth. A key difference to IPsec is that no tunnel is set up for data transmission; instead, routing takes place on a per-session basis. The main advantage for real-time communication is that there are no more interruptions during transmission. And the SSR solution delivers zero-trust security and network security along with it.

“With the Juniper SSR solution, we solve a whole range of network problems for both large international customers and the medium-sized customer,” says Jessica Wunder, CGO of Stellaneo.

“We reduce deployment times to a few days. There are no more dropouts from real-time applications such as production environments and cloud applications. Performance between sites increases significantly. Even the smallest sites can be quickly integrated into existing networks. And network management costs decrease because the SSR solution largely automates network management and existing products can be replaced.”

Stellaneo’s expertise can also be experienced live at Digital X, which will take place in Cologne on September 13 and 14.


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