Tata Tele launches its partner development program and cloud solution at the 79th Techday event by ASIRT


The Association of System Integrators and Retailers in Technology (ASIRT) hosted its 79th Tech Day for February, amidst an enthusiastic gathering of its Members and partner sponsor. TATA Tele Business Services, the key sponsor, showcased some of their latest solutions for the SI community and announced its Partner Development Program for ASIRT Members, while the EVOLVE speaker, Mr Jimmy George, offered an engaging and insightful presentation on the significance of right talent recruitment process for the SME and MSME community.

The evening began with the opening presentation by Mr Chetan Shah, Founder Member of ASIRT, Chief Mentor and Guide, who enlightened the audience about the ASIRT Gold Membership (AGM) program for 2020, its benefits, processes and the significance of reinventing business by building credibility through the AGM 2020 program. This was followed by a brief an interactive session of Q&A’s, where Members, both new and old, shared their queries and suggestions with Mr Shah.

The highlight of the evening was the insightful presentation by the key sponsor, Mr Sai Pratyush, Group Product Head – IoT, Cloud and SaaS, TATA Tele Business Services. Tracing the journey of TATA Tele, Mr Pratyush spoke about the brand’s transition from the consumer telecom solution provider to a leading Cloud, SaaS, and IoT consultant for enterprises and larger corporates. Showcasing some of their core expertise, Mr Pratyush spoke about the connectivity, security, asset management, Cloud and SaaS Infrastructure and app-based solutions, including small fleet tracking and asset management, which the company has built for its partners and clients. After a brief description of the products and solutions by TATA Tele, the presentation moved to the Partner engagement domain, where channel partners can have an opportunity to make decent margins while also enjoying unique benefits and offers.

After this enthusiastic business presentation, it was time for recognising success stories among ASIRT Members. Mr Kaustubh Kulkarni, Vice President, ASIRT, took the stage to invite and facilitate the Nambiar brothers from Panache DigiLife, who are set to become a listed company on the NSE by next week and Mr Bhushan Jawale whose remarkable work on merging two technologies was penned down in a book and was due for release in the coming days.

The last agenda for the evening was one of its kind session on the significance of selecting and recruiting the right talent for SME’s and entrepreneurs. Sharing insights from his 35 years of experience in working with the corporate and SME/MSME world, Mr Jimmy Geoge of ACTS Global, spoke at length about some common mistakes business owners and interviewers make when selecting and recruiting talent. Showcasing how these processes are normally taken for granted, Mr George pointed out how these careless practices can hinder growth or even be counterproductive to the profitability of the company. Talking about the Best Fit Interview (BFI) and the Reinforce, Amend, Acquire and Stop (RAAS) model of enhancing productivity, Mr George demonstrated how business owners and managers can make the best out of the interview procedure and bring onboard talent that can actually create a positive impact to the company. Talking about his work with SME’s and Entrepreneurs, Mr George said, “It has to be understood that as the whole and soul of the company, an entrepreneur needs to spend 2-3 hours for recruitment and selection, per position while the actual process of interview could last for a minimum 45mins to 3 hours, based on the points I discussed today. A lot of people today may or may not be able to completely implement the points I have shared but my entire idea was to draw attention to this aspect and highlight the need for handholding entrepreneurs and business owners through this process.” The interactive and engaging session ended on a high note with a networking dinner.


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