Tenable expands partnership with ServiceNow to improve vulnerability prioritisation and remediation


Tenable has announced its enhanced integration with ServiceNow to help shared customers improve their vulnerability prioritisation and remediation programs by addressing one of the most difficult challenges in cybersecurity — vulnerability overload.

Prioritizing vulnerabilities with the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) presents significant limitations since it scores the majority as ‘high’ or ‘critical.’ Tenable recently released Vulnerability Priority Ratings (VPR) as part of Predictive Prioritisation to help organisations focus remediation on the three per cent of vulnerabilities that are most likely to be exploited. Now, Tenable is bringing VPR to ServiceNow Security Operations. Security and IT teams can use VPR scores to view, sort and filter the remediation priority of each flaw based on the risk it poses to the business.

The latest integration also enables customers to sync their vulnerability data 400 per cent faster by ingesting multiple Tenable vulnerability data streams simultaneously — rather than individually — into ServiceNow Vulnerability Response and the ServiceNow CMDB. Together, Tenable and ServiceNow are helping security and IT teams to more quickly respond to the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk and ultimately reduce their Cyber Exposure gap.

“These enhanced integrations are putting the three percent of vulnerabilities that pose the most imminent threat to the business into the hands of the IT teams so that they can focus on remediating what matters most. Together with ServiceNow, we will position our shared customers to more quickly manage, measure and reduce their cyber risk and build strategic Cyber Exposure practices,” said Ray Komar, Vice President – Technical Alliances, Tenable.

The enhanced integration introduces a single integration app for both Tenable.io and Tenable.sc (formerly SecurityCenter).

“Most data breaches occur because of a failure to patch, yet many organisations struggle with the basic hygiene of patching and vulnerability response. Together, ServiceNow and Tenable offer customers rich context around the business impact and security risk of vulnerabilities, so they can work smarter by focusing on patching the vulnerabilities that have the highest potential impact,” said Sean Convery, General Manager of ServiceNow’s Security Business.


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