UiPath Announces ServiceNow integration to Extend the Value of Automation Across the Enterprise


UiPath, the enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, has announced an integration with ServiceNow to extend the value of automation across the enterprise. Leveraging the companies’ deep and dynamic integration to easily and securely automate complete and complex workflows in and around ServiceNow, UiPath and ServiceNow enable organizations to achieve business-wide digital transformation to improve efficiency, innovate to remain competitive, and reimagine the IT, employee and customer experience.

Worldwide, companies are focused on delivering great customer and employee experiences. And behind every great experience is a great workflow. With its bi-directional integration, UiPath and ServiceNow are making it easy for employees and customers to quickly and easily make decisions, solve problems, find answers, and automate tasks – making their lives at work simple, easy and convenient.

With UiPath’s flexible platform and open architecture customers can quickly and efficiently deploy and manage automations that leverage ServiceNow, without need for invasive implementation or costly, custom integrations. The UiPath Activity for ServiceNow connects the UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform to ServiceNow using ServiceNow’s publicly supported APIs, so robots can add, delete, and download attachments, as well as get, update, insert, and delete ServiceNow records. At the same time, ServiceNow has built the ServiceNow IntegrationHub UiPath Spoke, a connector that allows users to start and stop UiPath automations directly from ServiceNow.

UiPath’s mission is to deliver the hyperautomation platform for the ‘automation first’ era. The company’s vision is a Robot for Every Person – freeing people of burdensome, repetitive labor so they can focus on more valuable, gratifying work. UiPath has automated millions of repetitive, rule-based tasks for organizations worldwide. Through its commitment to bring digital-era skills to more than a million people, UiPath is transforming work by improving job satisfaction, driving productivity to new levels, and enhancing customer service.

“RPA is a cornerstone for digital transformation. If you talk to any CIO, they’re looking to create a modern workforce for a digital economy to go through a digital transformation,” said Dhruv Asher, UiPath’s senior vice president of business development and product alliances. “As this interest in accelerated processes amongst organizations continues to grow, our bi-directional integration enables enterprise organizations to easily begin their RPA journey, successfully mature and scale their automation initiatives, and refocus their workforce on business transformation.”


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