Vertiv Partners with GRC for Liquid Cooling Solution


Vertiv has introduced the Liebert VIC, its first liquid immersion cooling solution for high density-data centers. The solution was developed in partnership with GRC (Green Revolution Cooling), the leader in single-phase immersion cooling for data centers. Available throughout India, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Liebert VIC offers improved cooling efficiencies in dense computing environments that increasingly support data-intensive applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing and automation.

“Vertiv has dramatically increased its commitment to R&D and the innovation of energy efficient and sustainable infrastructure support technologies,” said Stephen Liang, Chief Technology Officer at Vertiv. “The Liebert VIC joins a new generation of reliable thermal, power and IT management products that help data center and telecom customers to meet their efficiency goals.”

The Liebert VIC is a single-phase immersion cooling solution that can support high-density loads of up to 100 kW per rack, utilizing warm water. It uses the ElectroSafe dielectric liquid coolant, an odorless, non-toxic, single-phase coolant which is both electrically and chemically inert and has 1,200 times the heat capacity of air. This higher heat capacity means that servers with high heat densities can be cooled more effectively, reducing cooling energy costs up to 95%.

“Liquid immersion cooling is increasingly becoming an attractive option for many data center and colocation facilities, as it not only supports high-compute environments but also promises improved efficiencies, sustainability and reliability compared to traditional cooling solutions,” said Dhruv Varma, vice president of Business Development, APAC at GRC.

“Demand for a wide range of compute-intensive applications, including faster streaming platforms for both video and gaming, requires even more latency-free computing power,” said Chee Hoe Ling, vice president for Infrastructure Solutions, Vertiv Asia. “With Liebert® VIC, our customers can meet their high density objectives and rely on this highly efficient thermal solution option to cost-effectively deploy high performance computing options to their customers.”

The liquid cooling technology used by Liebert VIC reduces environmental disturbances such as moisture, dust and poor air quality. In addition, use of warm water cooling enables a highly efficient and low operating cost solution. The Liebert VIC can be deployed in any location as it is less dependent on geographical climate. Its modular design enables it to be deployed quickly within weeks, minimizing the need for data center space construction or renovations.

“As remote working persists for a large part of the workforce in India, there has been a significant load increase in datacenters,” said Ashok Yadav, Director – Thermal Management Products, Vertiv India. “The new Liebert VIC, is packed with the right mix of features required for complex, high-density environments from cloud to edge.”


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