Yango Tech expands to India, bringing retail tech solutions and expertise to the market


Yango Tech, a global tech company providing proprietary technologies and expertise for retailers and e-commerce, announces its entry into the Indian market. The company offers a universal set of tools to help traditional retailers transform from brick-and-mortar to online trade or improve the operational effectiveness of existing online grocery businesses. The tech stack was proven at scale and now powers more than 500 dark stores worldwide.

“India boasts one of the world’s most rapidly growing grocery markets, expanding by 8 percent annually. Although e-grocery penetration might not hold a substantial share of India’s market at present, the market’s potential is significant when considering the prevailing global shift towards digital shopping experiences. Our unwavering commitment lies in offering bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of the Indian market, thereby propelling Indian e-grocers to emerge as global benchmarks within the sector,” stated Max Avtukhov, CEO of Yango Tech.

Yango Tech already has a presence across the MENA region with clients including PtteM, an e-commerce subsidiary of Turkey’s national post operator, and Nana, a leading e-grocer in Saudi Arabia. The company has ambitious plans for the Indian grocery retail market. The company offers technology solutions that can boost the efficiency and competitiveness of Indian grocery retailers, enabling these companies to deliver goods on time and in full. For traditional businesses, this means an opportunity to advance the current business model from offline to online, at the same time avoiding unnecessary costs of maintaining non-core functions. E-grocers can benefit from smart technology solutions that improve their operational efficiency and enable them to better manage their business – including supply chain, fulfillment, and delivery processes. Yango Tech’s tech stack also allows businesses to scale faster, leapfrogging the competition. The company caters to the unique needs of each partner, regardless of whether they manage expansive warehouses or compact connected storefronts.

The tech stack includes a variety of solutions for fulfillment, commerce, delivery, client experience, and analytics. Among the proprietary technologies are: white-label store app, warehouse management system (WMS) and assortment management (ERP), stock tracking and product replenishment, technologies for assigning orders to couriers, smart routing solutions, as well as applications for customers, pickers, and couriers. All of this helps businesses to achieve 99.9% stock accuracy, reduce write-offs and useless mileage, enhance customer experience, and as a result improve unit economics. The platform also provides live business intelligence dashboards to pivot and make informed business decisions. According to the company’s estimations, by opting for this solution, companies in general can reduce error rates by 15%, and their cancellation rates by 35% – translating to revenue growth for the business.

The Indian e-commerce market is growing rapidly, with the average Indian online shopper spending about US$100 per month on e-commerce. As per Statista, groceries are among the top 3 most popular categories for online shopping in India. Yango Tech is well-positioned to help e-retailers in India succeed in this growing market.


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