ZNet and Plesk bring SolusIO virtual infrastructure management solution


ZNet Technologies  has announced that it will step up its product portfolio with SolusIO, a new platform best suited for in-house virtualization and cloud hosting solution. With SolusIO, businesses will be able to prioritize customer experience and get a better way for simplifying virtualization management.

SolusIO offers a set of powerful virtualization technologies, including support for hypervisor and container-based virtualization. It utilizes cloud-init for configuring and managing virtual servers, permitting maximum compatibility with the pre-built images available from leading vendors. It allows users to modify or build their own images without additional costs.

SolusIO, a Plesk product, will help ZNet Technologies – a distributor of Plesk solutions in India, to eliminate virtual infrastructure management complexities that enterprises and ISPs experience, with blazing fast, on-demand VMs, a simple API, and an easy-to-use self-service control panel for the customers to grow their business.

“SolusIO has already been deployed a few thousand times among its 500+ beta testers. We can’t thank our community enough. We’re now relying on our partners’ contribution to show SolusIO to the entire world, as we continue to improve and shape it into the best in-house virtualization and cloud hosting solution.” stated Plesk CEO Nils Hüneke.

Munesh Jadoun, CEO, ZNet Technologies said, “SolusIO is an innovative product by Plesk. With it, hosters can launch their own self-service based VPS offering with world-class User Interface (UI) in an automated way. This will help them in getting better returns, while providing state of the art services.”


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