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Security consolidation and the part played by a viral pandemic

By Sundar Balasubramanian, Managing Director, India, and SAARC, Check Point Software Technologies With cyber-attacks against corporate networks increasing 50% year-over-year, it has become clear that the past...

Making collaboration the center piece of your cybersecurity strategy

Written By: Akshat Jain, CTO of Cyware One thing is clear as we approach 2022: attacks are on the rise and threat actors are leveraging...

Finacus Solutions installs unique virus attenuation devices to curb Covid-19

Mumbai, is reeling under its worst Covid-19 surge so far. Companies based out of the city have been at the forefront of taking measures...

Oxford University and Oracle partner to speed identification of Covid-19 variants

The emergence of more infectious variants of the Covid-19 virus is threatening to slow the global recovery and potentially thwart current vaccine immunity. To...

Companies’ Post-COVID Dilemma: Will the Rise of Remote Work Become a Permanent Pandemic Legacy?

When COVID-19 suddenly forced millions of Americans to work from home (WFH), employees and employers alike feared confusion, dislocation, and lost productivity. Instead, remote...

How IT can simplify the hybrid environment and the ‘new normal’?

resiliency and agility will be critical as companies switch to hybrid work models

Optical Fibre is solution to the growing demand of Internet

Internet in the Age of Coronavirus, Is Fibre the right answer?

Value of smart sourcing in the face of new business challenges

At its simplest, smart sourcing is an approach to the selection and prioritization of those service providers that go above and beyond the delivery of tactical IT solutions

Indian States Look to Attract Japanese Investments Amid COVID

“IT, ITES, AI, Machine Tools, Aerospace, Biotechnology, and Engineering Design are areas where Japanese investment can flow in”

Nagarro launches Covid-AI solutions to ensure better workplace safety

Nagarro has launched AI-powered solutions to help organisations kick-start work and life amid the COVID-19 crisis. Based on machine vision technology, these solutions provide...
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More than a third of sensitive business information entered into Generative AI Apps is...

Netskope published new research showing that regulated data (data that organisations have a legal duty to protect) makes up more than a third of... launches GALE to accelerate advanced GenAI adoption for enterprises announced GALE—Generative AI and LLM Platform for Enterprises. This platform enables businesses to build powerful GenAI applications that enhance productivity and innovation and...
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