Exclusive Video Interview with Sanjib Sahoo, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Ingram Micro Inc


Ingram Micro launches ‘Xvantage’ platform for partners, brings consumerization experience into distribution

The US-based Chief Digital Officer at Ingram Micro, with over 28,000 employees and $54.5 billion in revenue visited Mumbai to roll out one of the largest digital transformation journeys in Ingram Micro’s history with the advent of the Ingram Micro Xvantage digital experience platform – also known as Ingram Micro’s digital twin.

The global distributor previewed Xvantage at the 2022 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit. The platform is now live in several countries including Canada, Germany, the U.S., with tens of thousands of partners onboarded. Ingram Micro launched Xvantage in India.

“We are really excited to see how our employees, associates and partners will be leveraging the platform. The challenge is, how do we bring Zomato and Netflix-like experience into distribution. Xvantage’ platform is not a website or e-commerce platform. It’s an ecosystem that really creates a single window for subscription renewals, hardware, software, recommendations and using all the data to deliver personalised experiences to get a much more consumerized experience that they are used to outside of distribution”, shares Sahoo.

Watch the full interview..


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