The Significance of cloud security on the global advent of remote working

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By Mahesh Alayil COO and Co-Founder Goavega Software

Today, Cloud computing has become one of the integral part for the digital transformation of businesses, especially after the global pandemic made remote working, a normal phenomenon. Video conferencing platforms, electronic communication apps, virtual private networks, and cloud storage have made it easier for professionals to collaborate while not operating from a central location. With trends, like work from home and remote and flexible work culture taking a centre stage, cloud and data security have become a vital part of the business tech infrastructure. And while most businesses have been prompt identifying and making the shift, a lot of businesses continue to remain unaware of the security protocols and the significance of adequate cloud security measures.
Here are 5 reasons why every enterprise using cloud, needs to pay special attention to securing it:

1. Enhanced data security: With Data already being touted as oil, data security is of utmost priority for businesses across the globe. And while cloud computing essentially offers storage of a vast amount of data, securing it is of utmost importance. Many cloud buyers operate under the false impression that their cloud service provider will take care of their cloud security needs. While a service provider will secure certain aspects of your cloud environment, enterprises need a robust, personalized and well supervised cloud security infrastructure at their end to ensure effective data security. Data Security methods like Virtual Private networks (VPN), encryption, or masking are some of the common tools, especially in the current context, as they allow safe and secure access to data for employees, from computer, tablets and mobile phones, eliminating the need for using an insecure or open public network.

2. Enhanced control on the passage on information: While easy access to data on cloud is a basic feature, effective cloud security features can help businesses exercise selective access to this data. Cloud security can help govern data access protocols where not every information is accessible to every employee in the company, thereby helping safeguard sensitive information. Further, with emerging cases of data breaches, it has become extremely important for businesses to adopt adequate internal control configurations, to mitigate erroneous or intended internal threats. By upholding strict access control, one can keep confidential documents from malevolent insiders or hackers with stolen credentials.

3. Easier and efficient data recovery/ disaster recovery plan: Bigger than the loss of equipment like laptops and mobile phones is the loss of confidential and sensitive data contain. And while the virtual data storage on a cloud network, offers some backup to physical loss of data, effective security protocols to safeguard this data, is required in case of a network crash or failure or even an external breach. Effective and safe recovery of data in times of a disaster, is vital and features like Hybrid cloud environments, offer secure and functional recovery environments, by allowing enterprise to keep business running, while enjoying greater flexibility or distribution.

4. Prevent accidental data leaks: An increasing number of data leaks associated with cloud networks, can be attributed to misconfiguration of services and also inaccurate security on the cloud. Proactive monitoring of cyber-security and protocols can optimize an organization’s position to foresee potential problems and prevent accidental data leaks. Intrusion detection can be used to aid the misappropriation and incongruity detection in the cloud environment while execution of unprecedented access into the cloud environment can be detected using techniques such as kernel restoring or IDs. Detection of these incongruities sends an alarm to the data administrators and can be timed to response mechanism, this prevent accidental data leaks.

5. Cost effective to employ the best data security techniques: Lastly, breaking one of the most common misconception, cloud network and security can be personalised, tailored and effectively implemented for the long run, at economical prices. Several organisations, including SME’s and start-ups, which are essentially digital first businesses, are heavily leaning on third party tech service providers and cyber security agencies that are helping them secure their cloud data and create a safer and efficient business environment. If anything, effective and secure cloud computing has proven to reduce the operational cost for businesses, over the years.

Despite witnessing a fast paced growth in digital adoption, India continues to be among the leading countries to encounter cybercrimes, year on year. In the first quarter of 2020, India recorded a 37% rise in Cybercrimes, compared to the first quarter of 2019, only highlighting the urgent need to understand, and adopt a robust cloud security infrastructure to fight the rising cybercrime instances.

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