Dell Technologies brings 15-inch Business PC with built-in AI to India


The new Latitude 9510 comes with Dell Optimizer, the unique Artificial Intelligence-based optimization technology that helps professionals work smarter

Dell Technologies in India has announced the availability of its premium commercial PC – the Latitude 9510, the world’s most intelligent and secure business PC5. Earlier this year at CES 2020, Dell introduced the ultra-premium 9000 Latitude series, designed with the finest details in mind to be smaller and thinner than ever before, with a larger display and a superior experience. The new Latitude 9510 delivers on what enterprise users seek- the longest battery life of any 15-inch business PC with a target of up to 34 hours2, 5G-ready design, powerful audio features, and intelligent solutions that increase productivity.

The devices we rely on are getting smarter with intelligence and computing power that can help make informed decisions which lead to tangible business outcomes. Dell understands that technology choices are key to making modern workers more effective and businesses competitive. With Latitude 9510, Dell has embarked on creating a truly future-ready PC in the commercial laptop segment.

It offers the power and performance teams need to be productive anywhere as the first Project Athena-verified commercial PC with 10th Gen Intel vPro processors.The Latitude 9510 sports a machined-aluminum finish with diamond-cut edges for professionals looking for the right combination of performance and style. The Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) and 5G-ready mobile broadband capabilities allow executives to be more productive wherever they need. The design incorporates 5G antennas into the speakers to retain the stunning 15” InfinityEdge display in a 14” form factor, while its carbon blade fans and dual heat pipes offer a quiet and cool-to-the-touch experience. The Latitude 9510 is available in 2 variants, 2-in-1 convertible as well as a clamshell laptop, for wherever employees work.

Indrajit Belgundi, Senior Director & General Manager, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, India said, “As we navigate towards digitally driven and connected times, our customers are looking at end-user computing that gives their employees an easy, ready-to-work experience, and in doing so, also empowers IT with automated, open and intelligent management solutions to easily deploy, secure and manage.”

Vivekanand Manjeri, Brand Director, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies, India said, “When it comes to productivity at work, Dell Latitude PCs have been go-to devices in end computing. With the introduction of 9000 series, our customers will be able to optimize their time on the work that matters the most. The Latitude 9510 stands out today as the most intelligent 15-inch business PC featuring built-in AI and the most secure commercial PC. Customers can remain confident of their endpoints, that are secure, both below and above the operating system.”

As the world’s most intelligent 15-inch business PC, the Latitude 9510 leads the commercial PC industry with the first built-in and automated AI-based optimization technology. The new Dell Optimizer software works behind the scenes to improve overall application performance; enable faster log-in and secure lock outs; eliminate echoes and reduce background noise on conference calls; and extend battery run time.

Features of Latitude 9510:

● A PC that knows you – Latitude 9510 uniquely adjusts to different users’ needs with a built-in AI platform for smarter system responsiveness, application performance, battery run time, and supreme audio conferencing – all controlled through one module. It starts learning user behavior using machine learning from the instant it’s turned on and adapts according to the user’s preferences.

● Always responsive – The PC’s touchless presence detection enables quick facial recognition authentication and reduces power consumption by automatically locking the system when the user walks away. Its voice and power on features also enable a quick start with the lid opening.

● Flexibility and functionality – The Latitude 9510 features an asynchronous hinge that users can simply glide from laptop to tent to tablet mode. The 360-degree hinge innovation also allows for smaller bottom borders and a larger screen area

● Smart thermal design – The Latitude 9510 has an adaptive thermal response so it stays cooler on the lap than when on a desk. GORE Aerogel, the thinnest insulating material known to man, controls heat dissipation to maximize performance, while adaptive thermal performance and a super low panel enable even more battery savings.

● Redefining productivity – Encompasses everything that busy professionals need to perform their best in the workplace, including the option to type, write, or draw. The 2-in-1’s stylus magnetically attaches to one side, offering a quick way to take notes or sketch ideas, using the Active Stylus Pen.

The Dell Latitude 9510 starts at INR 1,49,000, exclusive of taxes.


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