Hipla Technologies raises SGD 500,000 to grow contact tracking product ContaTrack.ai


Hipla Technologies has announce that its has successfully raised SGD 500,000 from a consortium of investors from India and Singapore. This capital injection will support and accelerate Hipla Technologies’ new SaaS solution, ContaTrack.ai and further grow its products in the Office Automation space.

ContaTrack.ai harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and computer vision to successfully notify individuals when they are about to commit a safe-distancing breach and thereby avoid contamination and infection risks in large work environments. The solution further enables organizations to conduct Contact Tracing in an automated manner. These insights are delivered using no more than an organisation’s surveillance footage .

“Working on a product that addresses a definitive gap in the industry with a strong and driven team has been super exciting for us. This capital injection will give us additional momentum to take ContaTrack.ai to a global platform and enable us to expand our talent pool,” said Sandeep Kaul, CEO, Hipla Technologies.

With the help of this funding round, Hipla is looking to further enhance the scope of ContaTrack.ai, reinvest in research and innovation, and has already begun eyeing new global markets and industry areas.

Kaul also added, “We’re lucky to be backed by investors hailing from diverse expertise and geographies and I look forward to tapping their knowledge and support. We have a great team of highly motivated and razor sharp minds building our growth journey and I’m confident that we have a great formula to rapidly expand into new markets and do great things with the scope of ContaTrack.ai.”

With no hardware-dependency, turn-key application and significant technological empowerment, ContaTrack.ai enables organisations to return to work full-speed post lockdown without fear of compromising on employee wellness and safety.


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