FAIITA expands business opportunities for IT Channel in India through collaborations with Taiwan and Hong Kong


FAIITA, the leading organization representing the IT channel in India, has acknowledged that changes and transformations are occurring within the channel business, impacting the profitability and sustainability of its members. While laptops and other computing devices have traditionally been the primary focus of the channel, they only account for around 30% of total IT business, indicating significant growth opportunities in other IT and ITES segments, as well as manufacturing.

To explore these prospects, FAIITA has worked with the Taiwan Computer Association and TAITRA to attend Computex, an annual event in Taiwan. Several FAIITA members visited Computex from May 30 to June 2, 2023, to explore novel technologies and potential business partnerships.

FAIITA President, Devesh Rastogi

Honorable President of Taiwan, FAIITA’s President, along with President FITAG and President TAIT, attended the inaugural function of the event, where the FAIITA President, Devesh Rastogi spoke at the India Taiwan Cooperation Forum on “Industry Insight: India’s Market Potential and Industry Readiness.”

A roundtable discussion was also held, attended by Dr. Chen-yu-Lee, CEO TCA, Dr. J.B. Xiao, General Secretary, CSF, and Dr. Denis Hu, ex-CEO TCA. FAIITA’s President presented FAIITA’s purpose and explained how TAIWAN brands could be aligned with the Indian IT distribution system to create joint ventures and ensure continuity of B2B meetings. 

FAIITA VP Mitesh Dave, who is collaborating with TCA on FAIITA’s behalf is guiding members on the new opportunities. With FAIITA’s mission and initiatives, its members can appropriately capitalize on the evolving IT industry in India.

FAIITA has continued to create new business opportunities for its members by collaborating with HKTDC and holding a webinar on “Explore & Expand the Global Business Opportunities via Hong Kong.” This event aimed to provide an opportunity for FAIITA members engaged in Channel Business to get in-ties with new brands and products and enhance their business prospects.

During this webinar, FAIITA President Devesh Rastogi welcomed the participants, and Secretary Navin Gupta gave a vote of thanks. Shirley Ng, Director South Asia and Thailand, HKTDC, spoke on behalf of HKTDC and explained how HKTDC works and how Indian traders can partner with HKTDC in sourcing and collaborating.

Rajesh Bhagat, Consultant, South Asia, HKTDC, further educated FAIITA members on how to leverage HKTDC’s trade and investment services and benefit from them. Moreover, he also invited FAIITA members to attend the upcoming exhibition in Hong Kong in October and avail the opportunity to connect with over 3000 global vendors present at the exhibition.

In his welcome address, the FAIITA President highlighted the enormous opportunity that lies at HKTDC shows for FAIITA members. To support and align any FAIITA member interested in visiting the HLTDC show and looking for partners in Hong Kong or Mainland China, FAIITA VP Samir Parekh has taken the responsibility. Through such initiatives and collaborations, FAIITA is continuously expanding its scope and providing its members with new avenues for growth and success.



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