FAIITA announces new cabinet for 2019-2021


Federation of All India Information Technology Associations (FAIITA), the national federation of all the state associations of IT business and services in India, has announced, upon the completion of the term of present executives, elections were held at New Delhi on October 12, wherein 19 delegates representing 25 states and union territories marked their presence to participate in the elections to for new cabinet.

During the deliberations, a common consensus emerged out during the process, which turned the elections into unanimously selection for all the key posts of the cabinet, comprising of the new President Kaushik Pandya for the year 2019-2021. Alok Gupta the presiding officer of this elections 2019-21, announced the unanimous and consensual selection of the cabinet of FAIITA 2019-2021 for the below listed cabinet:

  • President: Kaushik Pandya, Gujarat
  • Sr Vice President: Devesh Rastogi, Uttar Pradesh
  • Vice President: Karthik S, Tamil Nadu
  • General Secretary: Navin Gupta, Bihar
  • Treasurer: Liju S, Kerala
  • National Convener: Sanjeev Walia, Punjab
  • Jt Secretary: Arun Kumar Dey, Odisha
  • Jt Treasurer: Sushil Kumar, Jharkhand
  • Regional Vice President (North): Naveen Gupta, J&K
  • Regional Secretary (North): Naresh Kumar Batra, Uttarakhand
  • Regional Vice President (East): Jitendra Bothra, West Bengal
  • Regional Secretary (East): Babu Lal Navlakha, Assam
  • Regional Vice President (West): Viren Bavishi, Maharashtra
  • Regional Secretary (West): Mitesh Dave, Gujarat
  • Regional Vice President (South): Deepak Bommisetty, Andhra Pradesh
  • Regional Secretary (South): Ballu Anand Rao, Karnataka
  • Regional Vice President (Central): Manish Goel, Madhya Pradesh
  • Regional Secretary (Central): Mihir Sharma, Rajasthan


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