IAMCP India West concludes exclusive session on Microsoft 365, Azure Data Storage, Women in Technology

IAMCP December Event

IAMCP India West held a spectacular members-only technology session which included keynote speeches and sessions from Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist Nilesh Yawalkar, IAMCP India West Vice-President Chetan Shah and IAMCP Jt Secretory Neeraj Gargi along with IAMCP WIT India President Nazmeen Ansari.

IAMCP is a strong collective voice for Microsoft partners and has been contributing to the IT community by providing industry’s best ways of developing partner-to-partner business opportunities and knowledge sharing sessions. IAMCP conducts monthly exclusive conferences, updating its members on new Microsoft technologies and proffering solutions to technological issues.

Day started with the welcome note from Chetan Shah. He presented various initiates being taken under IAMCP India West region.

Neeraj Gargi held a session on Data Storage challenges using Azure Storage Services”, addressing the data storage challenges and optimal ways to overcome them. A comparative study between “Azure Archival Storage Service” and AWS Glacier presented pointing the competitive advantage in using Azure Archival Storage Service.

This was followed by the Keynote by Mr. Nilesh Yawalkar , who is Microsoft Partner Technology Strategist. He introduced the latest Microsoft offering – “Microsoft 365”, a comprehensive solution which includes Windows 10, Office 365, Enterprise Mobility & Security. This latest MS technology will empower users to be work collaboratively, creatively and more securely.

Last but not the least, WIT India’s president Nazmeen Ansari held a lively discussion on IAMCP’s major initiative, i.e. “Women in Technology” (WIT). It is a community of professionals focused on inspiring and strengthening the connection in between female leaders in Microsoft and their partner communities. WIT India emphasizes on improving professional growth, fostering retention, promotion and developing leadership competencies for women in the technology sector.

IAMCP continues to represent Microsoft’s best partners all around the world. With this IAMCP meeting along with others to comes, it continues to promote fruitful business networking for the Microsoft ecosystem and up-to-date training on latest Microsoft technologies.


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