PCAIT is helping IT partner community with oxygen concentrators and BiPAP devices

Alok Gupta, President PCAIT

The Progressive Channels Association of Information Technology (PCAIT) is helping its members, nonmembers IT partners and their employees with oxygen concentrators and BiPAP devices in this tough time when oxygen is the most valuable thing here in India to save lives during this second wave of Covid-19. 

With the help of its members, a pool of oxygen concentrators and BiPAPs devices has been created to serve the community. Whenever a PCAIT member or their employee requires oxygen concentrators, they need to inform the concerned team through an email or a phone call with all required details; PCAIT will arrange the oxygen concentrator to that member or their employee as early as possible. Then, after the successful treatment, the PCAIT member can deliver it back. 

PCAIT members Supertron Electronics, Comnet Vision India and Unistal Systems have contributed the equipment till now. “In this pandemic, a vaccine is our best bet. However, in the current situation where the strain badly affects the lungs, an oxygen concentrator and BiPAP devices work as ‘sanjeevni bootie’, helping save lives. PCAIT, as expected, has proactively risen to the need of the hour by consolidating the resources and providing much-needed Oxygen support to ailing patients,” said Saket Kapoor, General Secretary PCAIT. 

Alok Gupta, President PCAIT said, “PCAIT as a family stands together in this pandemic and is trying our best to support each member and their employees to the best of our capacity.  This is what PCAIT does and stands for ‘Judo Jodo Aage Badho’. Together, we will fight and win this pandemic.” 



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