Secure Network Solutions securely transfers data for a rural banking project


It was a rural banking project. The main branch was in Mumbai and the bank wanted to expand in the shortest span of time to rural areas after getting the rural banking license. Now the task for Secure Network Solutions India Pvt Ltd was to securely transfer banking data from remote villages to main DC in Mumbai.

The major challenge was to get leased line or broadband connection in remote villages. Either it was taking too much time or sometimes it was unreliable and in many places it was not available. Getting back leased line or broadband was not feasible at most of the remote villages, while data security was another concern.

Secure Network Solutions gave solution based on mobile connectivity instead of leased line or broadband connectivity. Leased line / broadband was a challenge at remote locations but mobile connectivity was available at all places.

Thus, Secure Network Solutions suggested mobile connectivity devices which can support multiple mobile data cards in one device. It can support 4X4G or 4X3G connections in one device. So four mobile data cards (or SIM) can be taken and put in one device and it would add all the four connections into one single bandwidth. This was good enough bandwidth to run the rural branches.

Backup was also taken care by taking SIM from two different mobile service provider (say 2 X BSNL and 2 X JIO). The device was able to add both the bandwidths and could act as failover in case one service provider had an issue.

Security was taken care by having secure VPN tunnel between remote end device and main DC end device. Using proprietary VPN instead of customary IPSEC VPN, the speed was at least four times more and data transfer speed was very good.

This way, the bank achieved what it needed and Secure Network Solutions have implemented the solution in over hundred rural branches in records time.

Secure Network Solutions is into securing businesses worldwide since 2000. Now the company offers offers end-to-end IT Security solutions from 10 strategic locations across India. The company claims to be a warrior which fights on behalf of its clients to protect their networks, data, applications and users.

The company provides Network Security Solutions for On-Prem Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Link and Server Load Balancers, Application Security and much more.

The company is poised when it comes to Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI), implementation of private cloud, network virtualisation and On Cloud DDoS, WAF, Firewall.

Also, the focus is back on end-points and human behaviour. End-point Security, End-point Detection and Response powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).
The company’s mission is to provide the entire range of network and data security solutions and be recognised as a one-stop-place for any security requirements. No wonder, just like the bank IT transformation, the company has helped several other enterprises in their digital journey.



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