Tenable integrates with Google Cloud Security Command Center


Tenable has announced the integration of Tenable.io for vulnerability management in the cloud, with Google Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC). This provides organisations enhanced visibility into their cloud assets, both public and private, delivered via a single dashboard.

Cloud SCC is a security management and data risk platform for Google Cloud Platform (GCP), that helps security professionals gain visibility and control over their cloud resources and detect and respond to threats.

Data collected by Tenable.io is fed into Cloud SCC via Tenable’s GCP asset connector, giving security teams a unified view of all cloud-based assets in their environments. Security teams can now mitigate threats to cloud resources by effectively identifying ephemeral assets with the connector and feeding that information into the platform to assess for vulnerabilities.

“Tenable is committed to helping organisations embrace the benefits of the cloud in a secure fashion. Our expanded partnership with Google Cloud will provide security teams with holistic visibility that reflects live changes in digital workloads. This is a critical first step in practicing Cyber Exposure and a cornerstone of modern business,” said Ray Komar, Vice President of Technical Alliances, Tenable.


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