Harnessing the power of new -age data storage management

Amit Luthra, MD – India, Lenovo ISG

By-Amit Luthra, Director and General Manager, Data Center Solution, Dell Technologies India

The business landscape is one such arena that is always open for evolution. Many new models of operations that looked like a distant future have become a reality. There has been an overnight transition in business operations that forced organizations across segments to come out of their comfort zone and adopt the new standard operating procedures. And soon, we witnessed organizations adopting new-age technologies, to increase their chances of flourishing in current times. Organizations started accelerating their digital transformation journey, at a much faster pace than expected. They realized the direct correlation between their business growth and technology innovation, and have been continuously scouting for innovative solutions to harness the value of their customer data.

In today’s era, digital transformation is no less valuable than a corporate asset. Using it creatively, effectively, and efficiently can help businesses differentiate themselves in the ever-evolving competitive marketplace and stay ahead of their competition. This also reduces the company’s risk profile and creates new revenue opportunities. However, the journey of digitalization comes with managing the exponential growth of data. Digital transformation is the usage of multiple new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, etc. And the deployment of each such solution generates enormous amounts of data regularly. Thus, it is rightly predicted that by 2025, the amount of data that will be generated will reach around 175 zettabytes, globally. Though the growth seems tremendous, it is equally profitable for businesses when it comes to processing the data and securing maximum insights for enhancing their customer experience.

Data is the backbone of today’s modern economy. Businesses of every size and segment have been investing in their data bucket more than ever before, to secure the best outcome for them. Their usage and production are so colossal, that nowadays we see data lakes being created as a repository of raw data.

Solutions for the data-era

However, with the increasing data growth, organizations are finding it more and more challenging to store, manage and process data, especially the unstructured data sets. Unlocking the business potential of data no longer requires just big storage space. Rather it requires solutions that store large quantities of data quickly while keeping it simple to manage. They need storage solutions that could store and process unstructured workloads across locations and offer extreme performance and scalability. Thus, to navigate through these lines of storing and processing data, businesses need to adopt solutions that are simple and able to handle the most data-intensive workloads. They require solutions that offer more flexibility and choices for both structured and unstructured data across edge, core, and cloud. Hence, organizations should deploy solutions that are equipped with inline compression and deduplication technology. Moreover, these solutions must support unstructured data workloads that demand extreme performance and efficiency.

Additionally, businesses are always looking for more when it comes to easing their business operations, in terms of managing data and helping them grow exponentially. Therefore, while choosing the appropriate storage suite, IT managers need to deploy solutions that understand the scope of the businesses and offer growth opportunities. They should be compatible to handle businesses’ most data-intensive workloads and the ability to easily scale up data clusters. Along with these, the solutions should be designed to be the workhorse of modern, high-performance data lakes. They should choose storage platforms that support both on-premises and cloud workloads, and enable customers to customize the offering as per their requirement. They should be flexible enough to adopt different working environments and offer maximum performance at a reduced operational cost.

The road ahead

We have been dwelling in an era, where the cloud of uncertainty is covering businesses from all sides. No business wants to be left behind and wants to maximize data management to extract valuable insights. However, it is not always possible to excel in the data era with legacy IT infrastructure. Hence, it has become a necessity for businesses to surpass their complexities and deploy new-age storage solutions, which are both scalable & agile, and at the same time are customizable & cost-effective. They should opt for solutions that offer utmost performance and are developed with the support of proven IT technology.

To conclude, It would be interesting to see how organizations give shape and structure to their data storage system, to harness the maximum potential out of the aggressive data growth, the majority of which, being unstructured.


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