Enterprises Should Switch to Business Email Suite for Stability and Security


By – Pramod Sharda, CEO – IceWarp India & Middle East

Business communications remain prone to cyber-attacks, human errors, and technology breakdown

Since the first email went out in 1965, it has become a popular form of communication, both in personal and professional spaces. Despite the advent of several instant messaging platforms, businesses rely on emails to provide an effective way to organize and manage communications and workflow. Despite several benefits, emails also bring some challenges and limitations. One such challenge is the increasing security vulnerabilities due to cyberattacks. 

Given the sensitivity and importance of business communications, here are the reasons why enterprises should switch to a business email suite with robust security and stability features. 

Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Every business has confidential data, including details about clients, employees, financial transactions, and third-party stakeholders. This is a precious piece of information for cyber attackers. Unfortunately, people with malaise intentions can invade the email systems without a robust security system and access this information. Phishing is one method where cybercriminals send deceptive emails to lure the recipient into action, such as clicking a link, opening an attachment, or sharing login credentials. Once this is done, it can cause the partial or complete loss of email account access, leakage of critical information, intrusion into the IT systems of the business, and malware injection. Therefore, enterprises need multilayered email security. A business email suite offers dedicated security solutions that protect users against malicious emails that bypass regular digital security tools.

Backing up the Emails 

Business communications are too valuable to be lost due to technology breakdown. Thus, it is essential to back up our important emails. An email sent from a regular email service is automatically stored in the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers in plain text format. Unfortunately, this backup is not adequately safeguarded and can be accessed without much decryption. On the other hand, an enterprise email suite provides email backup systems that encrypt the data and control the access through a sophisticated access management program. 

Hedging against human errors

Email systems are also prone to human errors. Be it a mismanaged login credential, clicking an unsolicited link, or information shared in good faith, employee-initiated incidents could expose businesses to ransomware, malware, or other business losses. Watertight email security helps companies cover risks associated with human errors. At the same time, it is also essential to impart the necessary information safety training among employees to minimize unwanted email safety issues. 

Stronger Security Posture

A business email suite offers sophisticated, multilayered security architecture that improves the security infrastructure of an organization. Thus, the infrastructure can identify and block any unsolicited emails. The business email suite also comes with methods such as password-protected attachment scan, detection of page impersonation attacks, domain background checks, etc., to become a strong barrier against advanced cyber-attacks.


While cyber safety has always been an area of concern for businesses, COVID-19 has magnified its importance by manifold. As companies and people operate in a virtual environment and heavily rely on emails, it is essential to use a trusted business email suite that helps them focus on the core business, leaving behind worries of system safety and stability. After all, the opportunity cost of an IT failure is unbearable. 


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