Patna embraces a holistic technology approach for development


Technology has always been a major driver for the city of Patna. Technology has been absorbed largely in areas of governance, business, hospitality, healthcare, education and others in Patna, which is one of the major IT markets in Bihar.

“The state of Bihar has about 300 partners, of which, approximately 120 are based out of Patna,” said Arun Rungta, President, Bihar IT Association. Technologies such as machine learning, big data, augmented reality, virtual reality, among others have been instrumental in several verticals.

With the presence of top class technology education centres in Patna like the IIT, NIT and BIT, it is obvious that technology is way ahead in Patna. Furthermore, an array of universities — old and new — are great technology absorbents.

“Most of the old universities use our services. IT services are not only meant for the students, but a lot of technology is also used by the university administration as well,” said Rajiv, a system integrator in Patna.

Realising the demand and requirement of technology in the region. Bihar Entrepreneur Association has plans to set up East India’s first artificial intelligence (AI) centre in Patna. The endeavour is aimed at building skills in the area of emerging technologies.

A thread of wholesome efforts can be seen to digitise data for the common good of the citizens. “There are centres in Patna from where citizens can get information in digital formats like maps,” said Naveen, MD, Krishna Agencies.

“Data centres are quite a requirement for several organisations these days. We have deployes big data solutions for banks. We have also provided racks and servers to Patna municipal corporation,” added Naveen.

There is a clear indication that technology demand is varied and ranges across verticals in the city.


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