We aim to be present in more than 100 cities by the end of 2023: Zakir Hussain, CEO, BD Software Distribution

In an exclusive interview with CRN India, Zakir Hussain, CEO, BD Software Distribution speaks about how the cybersecurity market has evolved post pandemic, the brand's plan to further penetrate the Indian market, along with the opportunities and expectations from the launch of 5G in India.


How has the cybersecurity market evolved post pandemic?

The pandemic has stretched companies’ networks, accelerated their digital transformation and exposed them to more cybercrime. The new demand for remote access to services from customers and clients is compounding the problem. This fundamental shift has been aided by the move to cloud computing platforms and web apps — which, in turn, has exposed companies to more cybercrime. Companies now need to move beyond common online risks, including ransomware, identity and data theft, and phishing attacks; organisations must upgrade their digital defences by preparing for these equally disruptive and damaging threats. The need for cutting-edge cybersecurity policy remains dominant in India.

What are the key focus areas of BD Software for 2023, and your plans to expand your geographical footprint across the country?

BD Soft has steadily and impressively strengthened its position as one of India’s leading IT security distributors, offering industry-leading consumer, SMB, and enterprise-level solutions. The brand is now looking forward to expanding its reach and developing an expansion strategy in areas with a strong security market. BD Soft has already made a significant impact in Tier 1 markets. As part of the next stage of growth, BD Soft will focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities throughout India. The goal is to have a presence in more than 100 cities by the end of 2023. We intend to further expand our team by bringing on skilled individuals, particularly in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, to bring the plans together. The Indian SMB and SME market is rapidly expanding, as are the cybersecurity challenges it faces. BD Soft hopes to help them resolve their cybersecurity concerns by providing solutions tailored to their specific environment.

Please share with us your views on the opportunities and expectations from the launch of 5G in India.

The 5G network remains one of the most important networks of the 21st century. The new capabilities made possible by new applications riding 5G networks hold tremendous promise. The growth of smart networks will allow the development of smart homes and cities, increasing the dependency on 5G technology enormously. As we pursue the connected future, however, we must place equivalent—if not greater—focus on the security of those connections, devices, and applications. To build 5G on top of a weak cybersecurity foundation is to build on sand. This will result in increased threat potential for cyber threats. Cybercriminals may try to install into the core network to allow data to be intercepted and redirected. Improper deployment, configuration or management could also make the network vulnerable to disruption and manipulation. 

Understanding the same, we at BD Soft are working on expanding in more than 100 cities across India. Also new solutions and products are being added as part of the cybersecurity portfolio to minimise risk our customers face in the day to day operations. 

BD Software Distribution is the Country Partner for Bitdefender. Please tell us more about this exclusive strategic tie-up.

BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd. was appointed as Country Partner for one of the top brands in antivirus & Security industry worldwide, Bitdefender (No. 1 Brand Globally in Antivirus & Endpoint Security) in 2016. This is an exclusive strategic tie-up as modern security operations need modern solutions for endpoints. With the advent of advanced threats and threat actors, solutions that are behaviour based and those that support continuous protection are a must. The partnership aims to leverage BD Soft’s large distribution network across India and to protect endpoints and help mitigate risks. Bitdefender has more than 10 lakhs + users across India over the years in consumer, SMB, government and corporate and the list is growing rapidly. We hope to be in top 5 endpoint security solutions in India soon. 

What are the company’s initiatives to build robust post Covid recovery solutions for India?

The pandemic forced businesses to operate from home and continue hybrid work for an extended period. Cybersecurity culture readiness of organisations from various domains has clearly become an urgent need. Prior to the pandemic, cybersecurity/data security received little attention. However, the pandemic prompted the need for a shift in security culture. As a result, the pandemic provided an opportunity for BD Soft to expand across locations where we were not doing business, allowing us to connect to multiple customers across the country while sitting at home. We had not stopped growing and were steadily growing, capturing new markets throughout the period. We also learned how to work from home, systems, and are now putting that knowledge to use to expand further. We have added good security solutions which are need of the hour and very useful for every company to fight the cyber menace.

Please elaborate on the company’s network, from SMBs to large enterprises and the Government.

We provide some of the best solutions in the world to India, which are extremely beneficial to the SMB/SME/corporate market. At the Pan-India level, we have a very strong network of partners. We provide complete support to our partners and have built a strong ecosystem for them that spans the entire customer journey. We guarantee fixed margins to our partners, which is uncommon in the industry. Aside from that, we provide leads and marketing assistance to our partners in their respective regions. All team members have industry experience and a network of partners and customers. We run regular promotions and also recognise their accomplishments. All of this makes us a favourite among our business partners, and our customers are pleased with our assistance.



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