We aim to provide meaningful innovations to the customers: Mohan Rajamani, Director, Cache Technologies & Communications


Mohan Rajamani, Director, Cache Technologies & Communications talks about the company’s goal of enabling companies to be more responsive, productive, and resilient through business technologies

Q. Tell us about your journey as an IT solution provider?
Having been in the IT Infrastructure industry from the PC XT days for nearly two decades, it has been a long and eventful journey transitioning from the 360KB floppies to desktops, laptops, servers to data centers, cloud and now IoT. The key for our success has been staying ahead of time, keeping ourselves abreast of technology, and providing meaningful innovations to the customers.

Q. How much effort have you put in to become one of the most successful solution providers in the country?
There is no single secret recipe for success. But one thing I can tell with a great conviction that in order to be a thought leader in your domain, don’t be shy to think differently. Being proactive is of paramount importance while thinking of all the grey areas of your customer, which means you need to clearly understand their domain/ vertical.

While you will use best-of-the-breed technology to solve customer’s problem in a cost effective way, at times you ought to even think of some rudimentary non tech solutions. You ought to be the trusted advisor / consultant with zero vested interests and, hence, work on long term strategic growth leading to significantly exponential opportunities.

Q. Talking about your company, how has been its growth in the last one year?
Our growth has been with respect to the diverse portfolio of solutions that we offer to the market. The formation of allied entities, investment and partnering opportunities with strategic alliances in India, Singapore, the UK, East and West coast of the US has also contributed to our success.

Our areas of expertise include data centre, cloud, server, storage, virtualization, IoT, IMS, managed services, security and disaster recovery, and infrastructure planning and consulting. We have partnerships with leading OEMs like Intel, Quanta, IBM, DropBox, Zoho, Microsoft, Nimble, Fujitsu, Lenovo, Gooxi, and Tyan among others.

While we have executed many projects, the most recent has been the one where we have built an advanced hybrid high density compute infrastructure for a Human Genomics company with significantly lower cost per core.

Q. What all business innovations you have done to stay ahead of your peers in the industry?
We have opened strategic offices in Singapore; provide consulting by on boarding veterans and domain experts in advanced technologies; and diversifying and investing in good complimentary ventures, thus enhancing the core of the organization in allied verticals.

Q. What sort of opportunities do new technology areas like IoT and Artificial Intelligence among others bring it for a solution provider?
Artificial Intelligence, IoT, cloud, Blockchain, cyber security, etc. are some of the most promising future technologies. We are constantly hiring experts from these verticals, besides understanding each of them holistically to see how we can offer cutting edge solutions to clients.

Q. As a leading IT solution provider, how are you helping your customers in their digital transformation journey?
We are continuously looking at automating manual processes and brining in the right tools, advanced upkeep of systems, processes, people and solutions so as to prevent malicious attacks and sabotages. Besides, we are migrating users and enterprise to cost effective infrastructure by constantly piloting new solutions without disturbing the production systems.

Q. Please provide us a snap-shot of your future road map in terms major projects in the pipeline, future expansion plans, looking at the global market, etc.?
We are building the entire compute infrastructure for a large Artificial Intelligence company, providing end to end tech solutions for a Human Genomics company, and working on entry strategy for a ODM / OEM Server bare bone solution provider, PCB manufacturer, security and ransomware defender company  for India from the US, Taiwan, and China.


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