We believe in creating our own IP: K R Chaube, Director, Techlink Infoware


K R Chaube, Director, Techlink Infoware takes us through the company’s journey from hardware repairs provider to a complete enterprise business IT solutions provider

Q. Tell us about your journey as an IT solution provider?
Our journey began in December 1992 as hardware component, chip, and peripherals repairs company. However, we soon restricted the repair business and started focusing on hardware sales and services business. By 1998, we completely moved into IT hardware products sales, and services (AMC/FMS). In the same year, we started offering customized software development solutions to the organizations in various business domains. Post 2000, the company started offering both IT hardware and software products and services, wherein we executed a few offshore and domestic software development projects.

In all these years, Techlink has transformed itself from IT infrastructure solutions provider to ISV and now to leading data analytics solution services provider. Today, the company is seen as a complete enterprise business IT solutions provider. It has developed capabilities with technically advanced team of resources. Currently, it is present in a few select cities in India and Australia and working on a partner model for Europe, the US, and Middle East and North Africa regions.

Q. How has been the growth of your company in the recent years?
In the last few years, we have developed capabilities of our technically advanced team. This is one strategic move that we have taken to increase the revenue and improving the bottom line. Our areas of expertise include IT infrastructure solutions, business software products, and software services.

While we are catering to SMB, medium and large enterprises, the key focus verticals include education, media, BFSI, service provider, product trade, government, and manufacturing sectors.

And we have partnerships with Dell, HPI, IBM, HPE, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Sophos, Fortinet, Teradata, SAS, Qlik, Netmagic, Barracuda Networks, Symantec, D-Link, and F-Secure among others.

Q. What has been your major achievements / projects in the last couple of years?
Our major achievements in the recent times have been that we have developed skills, capabilities in enterprise data warehousing / data analytics services in the enterprise space. We have also executed offshore project for the prestigious customer in enterprise data warehousing services.

Q. What all business innovations you have done to stay ahead of your peers in the industry?
We believe in creating our own IP, wherein we have developed a suite of software products, called TRADEANNEX (ERP for Supply Chain Management), Incidence Management (Service ticket / Help Desk), and Asset Management.

While we have developed capabilities in the focused core technologies, in order to stay relevant in the market, we ensure that the customer gets benefited in terms of improving total experience of the ownership, linking information to tangible business outcomes, and deriving business value of IT.

Q. As a leading IT solution provider, how are you helping your customers in their digital transformation journey?
In the digital transformation journey of the customer, we assist our customers in identifying and implementing cutting edge solutions. From the software services business perspective, our enterprise data warehouse services provide customers some of the most profound insights of their business.

Q. Please provide us a snap-shot of your future road map in terms major projects in the pipeline, future expansion plans, looking at the global market?
Techlink is known for executing and taking transformative moves in this digital disruption era. In our journey of more than two decades in the industry, we shifted from hardware-centric model to software world, changed to opex business model, and created own IP. We have been very agile in applying new digital business models and understanding the digital ecosystems. Going forward, we are looking at geographical expansion as well.


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